Yep, my real name is Cheria. I’m the other half of Rick Rouse (the better half???). I’m the country girl who tried the “city” life — well, the small town life — but I’m right back where I started from — in the country and loving it.

Unlike my hubby, Rick who doesn’t have a shy bone in his body, I’m quiet and full of shyness. Except when it comes to music, then just sit me down at a piano and I can stay there all day. I’m not good at it, but I can sing and play “til the pigs fly.” Gospel music is what I play, but I love singing and listening to other types of music.

Besides my love Rick, the other important people in my life are two daughters and two granddaughters, my two cats and a dog of which you will learn a lot about when you visit here.

Well, just sit back and see what kind of nonsense I come up with from time to time.