As a 15 year old Olivia has become just a bit picky about who she lets hug and give her kisses, but Madison loves to give and receive them still (most of the time).   As you can see, Olivia still loves getting hugs and kisses from her sissy as much as Madison loves to give them.

A couple of days ago Olivia decided to have her hair spruced up a bit and she has now acquired the nickname of “Rainbow” or “Skittles” which she seems to be enjoying, and Madison is quick to correct anyone who says she has red hair…it is STRAWBERRY BLONDE.

Those two girls are so very precious and I never realized I could love any kids as much as I do my daughters Amy and Tami until Olivia and Madison came along.  I thank God every day for letting me be Mom to two great girls and GranGran to two fantastic granddaughters.  And Papaw Rick is just as proud of all of them.