Mrs. Gay Helton is one of our most precious friends, along with her son Teddy and his wife Phyllis.  From the time we first met them we felt as if they were family and Rick and I thank God for sending us such great folks into our lives.  The three of them live the true meaning of what a christian should be.

Unfortunately Mrs Helton had a very serious fall and broke her hip a few weeks ago, so she isn’t getting around very well right now.  We pray for her quick recovery and when she is up and about again I’m certain she will be out doing the things she loves most.  While visiting her this past Saturday, Phyllis asked if we had seen the picture of her wearing a wig and when we  hadn’t she emailed the above picture.  I loved it so much that I just had to get her permission to use it here.  This was taken recently at the Bristol Mall before a “Pickin’ Porch” show and it shows just the type of lady Mrs Helton is…full of fun as well as a serious lady.

The next picture shows Mrs Helton just as you see her everyday when she is not being funny and all this from a lady that has been on this earth over 90 years. And the third picture is Teddy and Phyllis, who always have a smile on their faces (I won’t tell their ages).

We love you and your family and hope you get to feeling better real soon…and thanks to the three of you for being such great friends.