I have never been a very adventurous person, so I was a little surprised when my two daughters decided they wanted to try skydiving.  Goodness…I won’t even get into a plane, so I sure am not about to jump out of one.  But Amy and Tami both have done just that.  Actually Amy does it several times almost every weekend and she even moved from Wilmington, NC to Rock Hill SC, so that she would be closer to the ‘dropzone’.

This past weekend I made a trip to visit her and take Houdini for his first haircut and of course I just had to watch her enjoying her favorite ‘sport’.  She and Gene have a camper at the ‘dropzone’ so they don’t have to make the 25 minutes drive so often.  Gene works at the ‘dropzone’ and makes tandem jumps (he has another person attached to him as he jumps) several times a day.  We are always telling Amy and Gene that they are the two smartest morons that we know, but they enjoy it, so we just pray that they will be safe. 

It really is amazing to watch the jumpers as they appear as just small dots in the sky and then swoop down and glide to the ground.  Most land on their feet, but some land rolling and every now and then one will land in a tree (I haven’t seen the tree landing yet).  However they land, they all really enjoy it and we observers enjoy it also.

This weekend I took several pictures of Amy and some of her friends and thought you might enjoying seeing them, so a few are attached for your enjoyment.  Amy is the one in the purple jumpsuit.  Happy and safe jumping… and I’ll just stay on the ground and pray for their safe landing.