I just want to start the new year out by saying ‘Happy New Year’ to everyone.   May this be a great year for all.  The past year was a great one for me and my family.  As you already know, we welcomed a new granddaughter, Madison Leigh Farthing, into our family.  She along with her older sister Olivia have been such a special part of our lives.  They both just light up our whole world.  And I’m sure they will continue to do so as they grow through this year.

Olivia will make that great step into the ‘teen’ years.  I believe we will need all the prayers we can get in order to survive those years.  Well, maybe it won’t be so terrible since I’ve already survived raising my two daughters.  Hopefully I’ve learned a few things and can help Olivia along the way.

Also Madison will have her first birthday.  I’m sure there will be a lot of bumps and bruises along the way with her also.  And I’m sure she will begin talking.  Lord help us if she talks as much as Olivia.  I’ll never get to say anything, but just listen a lot I suppose.  She already does really well using that baby language.  Neither of them seems to have inherited my quiet nature (let’s not let Rick hear me say that).  Hahaha

We can’t forget our big four legged critter named Houdini.  He is that special Great Pyrenees that came into our home last February.  I had no idea that one dog could shed soooooo much white hair.  But we love him anyway.  Maybe next spring we will take Amy’s advise and just shave all that hair off for the summer.  I’m tempted to try shaving him myself, but he would probably end up being the ugliest dog on planet earth, so I guess I’ll just let him shed for now and just clean up the mess.

Well, I guess life will give us more surprises this year and we are looking forward to seeing what comes our way.  Hope everyone gets some exciting happenings and enjoy this new year that God has given us.  Happy New Year!!!