From the time Granddaughter Madison was a kid she has admired Aunt Rebecca’s collection of dolls.  Madison called her Aunt Becca when she was an infant, but now that she says she is no longer a ‘child’ she has joined the rest of us folks in calling her Aunt Rebecca.  They would sit together in the backseat of our car when going to church with us and a very special bond developed between them.

Any time we visited, Aunt Rebecca loved to show Madison all of her dolls and this one was Madison’s favorite.  Today while visiting, Aunt Rebecca told Madison that she had a special gift for her and Madison did not realize that she was giving her this doll.  When she was told that it was her gift, that face was all smiles.  Actually both faces were smiles and  this GranGran’s heart was so happy to see them.  I will make sure that the doll is well taken care of and it will always be a very “special gift from Aunt Becca”

Another example of how very special my Cook family has always been.  Thanks Aunt Rebecca from Madison and her GranGran Cheria.  We love you so very much.