“Won’t It Be Wonderful There?”

Charles and Doris Cook – Never To Part Again

In Loving Memory

Doris Wilson Cook
Sept 11, 1929 – Oct 9, 2017

Aunt Doris was so sad when Uncle Charles left this life for his Heavenly Home.  She just could not get over him not being here with her.  Many times she expressed her wish to go join him and God finally granted that wish.

While helping care for Aunt Doris during her last days here, she would sing the chorus to “Won’t It Be Wonderful There”.  You could see that look on her face reflecting her thoughts that she would soon be with Uncle Charles again.  She told folks visiting that she wanted to go see Charles and Jesus along with other loved ones and friends.

Aunt Doris said many times that she didn’t want to leave Karen and Larry here alone.  Then her next words were, “They won’t be alone because the “Cook” family will take good care of them.”  And we most certainly will do that.

I will miss our visits and will always remember those last days that we spent together.  Aunt Doris and I will meet again, along with Uncle Charles and so many others and “Won’t It Be Wonderful There?”