I love vacations and last week was one of the best.  Spending a few days with Amy and Gene always makes me so happy.  Amy came to spend Father’s Day with her Dad and Olivia and I rode back to Rock Hill, SC with her on Monday evening and the fun and relaxation began.

Amy had to work, so Olivia and I spent most days watching TV…however, on Tuesday morning Gene and I took a short trip to a peach farm and picked a couple of boxes of fresh peaches.  Now that was some yummy eating (yes, we ate several during the picking)…Gene said we were ‘field testing’…and we tested probably more than we should have.  Gene also purchased a big bucket of tomatoes, along with a big green pepper.

Amy and her Dad had caught a big trout that we took back to SC with us and Gene cooked it for us.  It was large enough to make two delicious meals.  I must say that Gene is a good cook, but Amy and Olivia don’t eat fish, so Amy cooked chicken for them.  I also brought some fresh tomatoes, squash and eggs plants home with me from their garden.  We also enjoyed eating out at T-Bone Steak House and Rick joined us after he came down to eat at Olive Garden.

There was a lot of shopping on Saturday… My walking shoes fell apart and Amy got me a new pair (thanks) and they are really comfortable.  Afterwards Amy treated us to a movie and we left Sunday morning coming back home.  The only thing missing was Tami and Madison.

I sure hate having my girls so far away, but they are still within visiting distance.  Gonna have to do this more often.  Thanks Amy and Gene !!!