Coming from the “Cook” family, I inherited a strong love for music, which includes listening, playing instruments and singing.   Music is a big part of my life…listening mostly to gospel, hymns, country and bluegrass…playing the organ or piano at church and home and also singing with folks at church.  I learned to play the piano as a young kid, then I decided if I could play the piano that the organ shouldn’t be much different, so I began playing the organ at our small country church a few years ago.

I am now determined to learn to play my mandolin…however I’ve had it for several months and haven’t made much progress….So I suppose I’d better get to practicing some of those chords that my friend Tim Yates showed me.  It would be rather embarrassing if he took the time to help me and I didn’t even try.  I’m going to take my mandolin with me on a visit to Amy’s next week and maybe I won’t run her completely crazy.  Rick will get some relief because he is staying home.  I’ll be sure and let ya’ll know how the practice goes when I get back home and Rick can decide if my practice does any good.