I love to get up on Sunday morning because I know what the day is going to be like.  From the time I was just a small kid I remember getting ready to go to church…most usually that would be at Pleasant View Missionary Baptist Church in Widener Valley.  A few times we visited other churches such as the Presbyterian which was a big white church in downtown Damascus, the Lutheran Church, which is now Faith Baptist in Damascus and Wright’s Chapel Methodist which is just outside Damascus.

Some of my best memories are of walking from Granny Cook’s house with Aunts and Uncles and Miss Alma, who lived just a short distance from Granny’s.  Those were the ‘good ole days’ and I sure do miss them.  After church, we would all walk back ‘home’ and have dinner (lunch) with Granny.  Lots of times the pastor of Pleasant View would also stop by and enjoy those delicious meals.  If kinfolk were there with a guitar, or whatever instrument, we would gather on the front porch and sing…  As an adult, I still go to Granny’s house for dinner almost every Sunday and enjoy those yummy meals that Aunt Eleanor cooks.  Visiting kinfolk continue to bring their musical instruments and we all “pick and sing”.

Yes…Sunday is my favorite day of the week.