I sure am happy to have so many great memories of family who are no longer with us.  Today I am remembering my uncles who have gone from this life.  In my stories when I first began writing I remembered all of Mom’s brothers, but these memories are of her sister’s husbands,  Uncle Jerry, ZR and Harold, and they are indeed very special.

Uncle Jerry Dolinger married Mom’s sister Aunt Eleanor and he was also brother to my Dad, which makes him my double uncle…what a treat that was.  He loved his peanut butter crackers, popcorn and Pepsi and had to have them every night before bedtime.  Watching ballgames and telling stories of his Army days was very important to him.  Uncle Jerry loved taking us for rides in the back of his truck and he also taught several nephews and nieces to drive (I was not one of them).  Singing in the choir with that tenor voice was fantastic and I can still hear him when we sing certain songs.

Uncle ZR Heath married Mom’s sister Aunt Rebecca and was the quietest of the three.  He loved his family and especially his dog Petey.  Uncle ZR was a carpenter and his sons inherited that talent from him.  I remember going to some of those Ole Primitive Baptist services at Rush Creek, and as a child I thought they would never end.  Maybe he didn’t talk a lot because he didn’t get the chance, being in the “Cook” family…LOL.

Now to Uncle Harold Thomas, who was married to Aunt Mary. My daughters, Amy and Tami, loved to visit and spend the night. However, when it came to bedtime they wanted to stay up longer or come home and begun crying.  Uncle Harold would tell them if they didn’t go to bed or stop crying that he would hang them on a nail, which didn’t help at all.  As a Sunday School teacher or Wednesday Prayer Meeting speaker, we always knew his prayers lasted forever and so did his teachings…no short anything, but how I miss it all now that he is no longer with us.

Memories of family and friends,  may be gone, but never forgotten.  Miss and love them all.