I haven’t shared any memories for a good while, so thinking it is time to do so again.  I will try to make this short and sweet…I doubt that will happen.

If you have read any of my stories on here, then you are aware that my “Cook” family spoiled me as I grew…and I admit those left still do.  In my early stories my Mom’s brothers and sisters were introduced to you and mention was made of their husbands and wives…This memory will share more detail about my Aunts Mable,  Sally, June, Cel, Helen, Doris and Lorraine.

Beginning with the two living Aunts are Doris who was married to my Uncle Charles Cook… and Lorraine who is married to my Uncle Bob (Robert) Cook.

Aunt Doris and Uncle Charles always did everything together.  I don’t remember ever seeing one without the other.  They loved each other dearly and it showed.  Their daughter Karen and I are more like sisters than cousins.  The “Cooks” are a very close and loving family…some likes hugs more than others.   In a crowd Aunt Doris is usually quieter than some, but very friendly and has always been one to love me as her own.  She likes to tell about my sister Clarice going on dates with her and Uncle Charles.

Aunt Lorraine is very special also.  We waited a long time to get her into the “Cook” family and so happy it finally happened.  Uncle Bob tried to get her back in high school, however, she was in love with someone else at the time, but we love her and thank God for putting her with this crazy bunch.  I was very pleased to play the piano during their wedding.  Aunt Lorraine is also a little quieter than some, but enjoys being with the “Cook” clan.

Now to the ones who are no longer with us … Aunt Mable was married to my Uncle Clayton…What a pair those two made…They were both very loving and so fun to be around and of course spoiled me from the day I was born… I have always been told that I got my name from them because it seems they wanted to name their daughter Cheria Colleen, but since I came along and they didn’t have any children the name was given to me.  There are just too many funny stories to tell about Aunt Mable, but I will share one…It seems that when guys would come courting my Mom and her sisters, that Aunt Mable would find it comical to come carrying the “potty” through and of course it would embarrass both gals and guys.  I sure do miss Aunt Mable and Uncle Clayton.

After the death of Aunt Mable, Uncle Clayton brought another bride into the family by the name of Sally.  She didn’t last a long time, but I had to mention her because of the crazy story I’m about to tell.  We always wash dishes in a big wash pan and most of the time Aunt Eleanor would take the pan of dirty water outside and throw it out beside the house in a small ditch.  We were having a picnic and when Eleanor took the pan outside, she did not know that Aunt Sally was beside the house…YEP…dirty dish water was thrown all over Aunt Sally (ya think maybe that is why she wasn’t in the family very long)

Uncle Earnest and Aunt Celia (Cel for short)…Again I was blessed with folks who spoiled me.  For several years I visited them at their home in Warren, Ohio…Aunt Cel knew I loved her stuffed peppers and she made sure I had plenty of them while visiting.  We always had a great time listening to her gospel cds and singing along and just sitting looking through her photo albums… Great times and so many memories.  Love and miss Aunt Cel and Uncle Earnest

Uncle Herb and Aunt June…what a pair…They loved to dance and sing and I even got to dance a few times with Uncle Herb.  So many times Aunt June and I would sit at her piano with me playing and her singing along with me and once in a while Uncle Herb would sing bass or strum on his guitar.  Lots of times the family would get together at Christmas and we would have a play…I loved those times and way too many memories to share.  Love and miss Aunt June and Uncle Herb.

Uncle Vernon and Aunt Helen…they were certainly quiet folks, but you always knew you were loved…Uncle Vernon loved his garden and they shared lots of veggies.  Once when they were living in Bristol, my cousin Vota and I stopped by their house before a gospel concert.  I had one of the babies with me (Olivia I think) and she filled her diaper with stinky stuff.  It got all over me and Vota and Aunt Helen just laughed and let us borrow clean clothes.  Even though they were quiet, they are still missed and loved very much

Looks like this didn’t end up being very short. LOL

I sure do miss my Aunts and Uncles and enjoying having those still with me…Thanks for all the love and spoiling !!!