I spent the past 5 days visiting with Amy and Gene in Rock Hill, SC and it was a fantastic visit as always.  Amy had to work Thursday and Friday, but she works from home, so I had to remain quiet so as not to disturb her many conference calls.  We took a walk each morning before work and that girl can move on…she says I’m a slow mover.  I told her that she has long legs, I have short ones and I’m a bit older than her and she just laughed.  After work hours we made the usual trips to go shopping (I looked and she shopped).  Thanks Amy for the meals and clothing.

On Saturday we cleaned house, then took in a local fair in York, SC.  It certainly was hot (90’s).  Had a great meal at Olive Garden and then to a movie “The Help”, which was a very good story line.  It was one of those laughing one minute and crying the next type movie.

A visit to Amy and Gene would not be complete without going to the Drop Zone in Chester, SC.  I have no idea how many tandem jumps Gene did, but Amy jumped 9 times on Sunday.  I am so proud of her because she is one brave girl (her Mom sure ain’t).  Several folks asked if I was ready to jump and my response was the same each time “no thanks…my feet stay on the ground)”.

The first picture shows Amy ready to get on the plane and me being a ‘chicken’.  The second picture is Amy with her team KABOOM…Connor, Amy and Paul.  Connor takes pictures and does video while Amy and Paul do their routines.  They are both great guys and I wish KABOOM the best and safety during practice and their competition in November when they travel to Arizona for ‘US Nationals’.

Thanks Amy for a great visit and hope to do it again real soon.