I have known Lorraine for as long as I can remember, but until Uncle Bob married her and made her my Aunt, I never knew totally just how special she was.  When they made plans to have a church wedding I was included in the ceremony by being asked to play the piano.  Aunt Lorraine was a beautiful bride and Uncle Bob was the most handsome groom.  Uncle Bob has always told us that she was his first love, but they both married others and had wonderful families.  After many years Uncle Bob moved back to Widener Valley and pursued Lorraine once again and this time she said “yes”…and we are so happy that she did.

Anyone who knows Uncle Bob knows how he likes to joke and lots of times I’m certain that Aunt Lorraine would have liked to hide, but she just laughed and said…”Oh Bob is just crazy”.  The “Cooks” love to sing and so did Aunt Lorraine and she would join our “crazy” bunch.  We are always sharing memories and this past Christmas was no different.  Sitting in Aunt Eleanor’s living room, the memories began and Aunt Lorraine shared also.  That day will be one of my favorite memories, because that was my last time to hear her memories.

The angels came to take Aunt Lorraine to her Heavenly Home, but we will meet again some day soon and will sing have even more memories to share.

In Loving Memory of Lorraine Cook Feb 10, 1938 – Jan 16, 2017