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Author:  Rebekah Lyons
Tyndale House Publishers
The Arrow Group

Rebekah tells of her many years of dealing with depression. She and her husband make a dramatic move from their southern home to New York and the move has lasting affects on her and her families lives. Several times she believes she has beaten depression, but it always appears once again. Finally when she totally turns it over to God is the depression defeated.
This is a very interesting book that I believe will be very helpful for believers to enjoy


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Bread and Wine

Title: “Bread & Wine”
Author: Shauna Niequist
Publisher:  Zondervan


“Bread & Wine” is just a bit different from most books that I read.  I am not sure what I expected, and was wondering why I agreed to review it, but was pleasantly surprised to find that I truly enjoyed reading it.  Shauna told of different events that occurred around the table with family and friends.  This got me to thinking about some very special events around my Granny Cook’s table as I was growing up.

One of my first memories around Granny’s table did not even involve food, but a very special friend of mine…Granny and Granddaddy did not allow pets (dogs or cats) inside their home.  They believed all animals should be outside the home.  Being the first grandchild I got away with a lot of stuff that other grandkids didn’t, so I would sneak in their big red Chow, Bozo.  We were best of friends and we would crawl up underneath the kitchen table and I would fall asleep with my head on his body.

Other memories at Granny’s table were during revival time at our church when our Pastor, along with the visiting preacher, would come for a meal and sometimes spend the night or nights.  The door was always open to friends, family and anyone else who happened to stop by, and always included a meal.  The table was large enough to feed several at a time, but the men were seated first and if room, next were the ladies…children were always last to be fed and always enough food to feed us all with plenty leftovers for the next day.  Fried chicken was the best (homegrown, killed, cleaned and cooked)…yummy.

Thanks to Shauna for helping to bring back some very special memories for me.  This is a very interesting story of life around the table, along with some recipes.  I strongly encourage reading this book and I’m sure it will bring back some memories to you also.


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North of Hope by Shannon Polson

Zondervan – Publisher

Shannon’s parents were killed by a bear and she retraces their trip through the wilderness of Alaska.  She does this to help heal her pain.  In telling her story, she also remembers things from her past that had been important events.  This trip helped her to accept that things don’t always go the way we would like.

It was hard at first for me to get ‘into’ this book, but as I kept reading, I enjoyed it more.  If you enjoy stories involving the wilderness then this is a book you will love.

Based on the theme Glossy Blue
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