I love to read a variety of types of books and one of my favorite involves stories of the Amish people.  “Goodbye to Yesterday” by Wanda Brunstetter (Part 1 of 6), is a very interesting story of Luke and Meredith Stultzfus.  They love each other, but Luke has lost his job, which is making things really tough.  Meredith also is thinking that she could be pregnant, but is afraid to tell Luke.  Luke has been trying to find another place of employment with no success.  After receiving an offer from his uncle in another state, Luke decides to go for it, although Meredith isn’t pleased.  On the way to his uncle’s to learn his new trade, Luke meets up with Alex Mitchell, who is on the run from some drug dealers.  Alex sees that Luke is carrying some money and decides that Luke will be an easy target.  Meredith is at home praying because she has an uneasy feeling about Luke’s trip.  I am looking forward to receiving Part 2 and continuing this story of love and faith.  I recommend this author and book very highly.