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Madison isn’t feeling good today, (running a temp and says her belly hurts), so Papaw Rick and I decided to take her on a picnic and try to cheer her up and make her feel better.  We have always enjoyed stopping along side the road on Rt 58 (Jeb Stuart Hwy), also known as Straight Branch.  This road certainly isn’t straight, but has always been a beautiful place with road-side tables for travelers to stop and eat a bite.

Well, we stopped and picked up some food and were on our way.  We knew where we wanted to stop, but when we arrived, no table could be found, so we jouryned further along and to our surprise there were no tables anywhere.  Disappointment set in real fast so we pulled off onto a road leading to Beartree Lake and stopped to eat.  I put down a blanket for Madison, but she wasn’t happy with it…she wanted back in the car to eat her corndog.  Rick and I stood at the hood of the car and ate.

Next time we will just go to the park where we know there are tables.  I have no idea why they left the signs showing where the tables were, but took the tables.  Today just was not a great day for the picnic, so maybe next time Madison will feel better.  Love you pretty girl !!!


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We were visiting my Mom…GrannyMartha… one day last week while waiting to go to VBS.  Mom had just taken her bath and Madison grabbed her ‘housedress’ and decided to wear it.  Ain’t she just the cutest little ‘red head’?  Luv ya Madison !!!


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We are always getting visitors in our back yard, but they don’t usually get very close to the house or if we step outside they disappear rather fast.  This little fellow/lady didn’t seem to be affected at all by our presence one day last week…just kept eating away on an apple.  This little critter sure is a cutie.


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My friend Linda has this beautiful pet that she is willing to give for free to a good and loving home.  This is the description that the lovely sweetheart gives of herself:

“My name is Daisy.  I am 4 years of age and my birthdate is in December.  I have already been spayed and my shots are all up-to-date.  If you are looking for a very gentle, loving and loveable pet, then I’m just the one you have been searching for.  I will be a wonderful companion.  As a mixed breed I have some Shepherd, Golden Retriever and probably something I don’t know about and that makes me a great pet.  If you would give me a good and loving home, please contact Linda at 276-475-5591”.

Any one interested in Daisy may also leave a comment on this website and I will give the message to Linda.  I really hope Daisy finds a new home soon.  She really is a lovely pet.


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