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Last Saturday Rick and I invited relatives from my Mom’s side of the family for a picnic since some very special cousins were visiting from northern Virginia and Maryland.  Kneeling in front are Betty and Niki and from left to right standing are Vota, Becky, Marsha, Linda, Cheria (me) and Beverly.   There has always been a special bond between all of us and Linda and her sister Beverly spent nearly every summer in our homes, and then Niki (Bev’s daughter),  and her brother Mike visited a lot through the years.  We had 39 relatives for the picnic and we had a fantastic time catching up on all the news and gossip and even got in some of the much loved “Cook” singing.  It was an enjoyable time for all and hope we can do this much more often.  Love ya’ll !!!


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As Rick was taking our dog Houdini for his morning walk, this turtle was sitting just across from our driveway and of course I had to take this opportunity to take some pictures.  The first picture is of him (her) relaxing…the second one is Rick carrying the turtle toward the creek in our back yard and the last one is of it taking a swim in our creek.  As you can see, it was not happy being carried on the snow shovel and tried it’s best to get a bite of Rick.  Hope this turtle was pleased to be safely back to the water and has a very long and healthy life.  Madison saw it and wanted it as a pet, but it is too large and we certainly have enough pets.


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Today Rick, Madison and I did some visiting with family in the Widener Valley community and as usual I had to get out the camera and these are the results of a few pretty good pictures.  The first picture is of Madison with her Great Granny Martha and of course the second is Great Granny Martha (my Mom), me and Madison.  We certainly enjoyed our visit and I believe Madison enjoyed playing with Granny Martha as much as Granny Martha enjoyed playing with Madison.


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It is summer time again and so the fun begins…

Olivia is on the computer and phone, which are her favorite two things to enjoy, no matter the season.

Madison had just gotten out of the pool and grabbed her towel.

I am so proud of our granddaughters and just have to show them off at every opportunity

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