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Madison loves to have her picture taken and this proud GranGran loves to take her picture.  We were visiting Rick’s Mom yesterday and I got this adoreable shot.  Those blue eyes just melt my heart and I love her curls.  If she gets any more beautiful I don’t know what we will do…luv ya Madison.


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As a “teen” Olivia is constantly experimenting with different hair styles and colors and this time it happens to be blue and black…gee, wonder what is next.  She has been every color you can think of, including what I called ‘skittles’.  Just last week she was close to her natural color of blonde, but that didn’t last long.  Olivia, GranGran sure will be happy when you decide to be natural again…permanently.  Luv ya pretty girl.


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As usual Madison was this morning being her cute little adoreable self as Papaw Rick grabbed the camera and got this darling picture.  Sometimes that youngun is just too cute for her own good.  I’m just praying that she continues to be as great in front of the camera during her teen years as she is now, because her Sissy Olivia was the same at this age, but since she is a teen (16) she is more embarrassed than happy to pose for us.  However, we still sneak in a good shot once in a while.  Madison just makes you want to grab and hug and that is exactly what we do a lot of.


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Last Sunday we got a surprise accumulation of snow and just so happened we had a camera with us, so I just rolled down the car side window and snapped this picture.  Rick was driving and only slowed down just a bit, so I thought it turned out to be a fairly decent shot.  Also, it was pitch dark, so there really was no aiming at anything…just snapped and hoped for something decent.  I got snow on the fence, trees and even bales of hay…not bad for a ‘shot in the dark’.

SWEET 16th

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March 5, 1995 will always be a very special day in my life, because a darling little baby girl named Olivia Colleen Hall arrived all pink, wiggly and crying that sweet sound that meant she was very healthy.  That is the day I met my first granddaughter and the spoiling began and hasn’t stopped since and probably never will.  This is the youngest picture I could find real fast today and she has grown up to be my ‘sweet 16’ year old granddaughter.  I was there to witness her birth and have enjoyed every minute since and plan to enjoy lots more as she matures into the great lady that I know she will be. 

Rick missed the first few years of Olivia’s life, but she won his heart on our very first date when she was around 7 years old and each day just gets more special.

Happy Happy 16th birthday Olivia Colleen Hall !!!  We love you very very much…(I know you probably are embarassed about this picture, but I think it is cute)


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Things had gotten rather dry around our neighborhood lately, so a few prayers had gone up for a bit of rain.  God was listening and today He blessed us with an abundance of that wet stuff.  Maybe we’d better not pray so hard next time…as they say ‘watch what you pray for because you just might get more than you ask for’.  Both streams are normally just about a third the size they are at this time.

The first picture was taken about a mile from our house and the second one was taken of the creek that flows through our back yard.  Thanks again Olivia for the use of your Kodak camera.  It came in handy for getting a few good pictures of the flooding.

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