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As a teen you never can tell from day to day what hair color or style Olivia may have.  She has had everything from her natural beautiful blonde to what I call ‘skittles’, meaning a variety of colors all at once.  Also there have been varying lengths, and I must admit that natural and long is what I like the best.  The last time she changed the coloring I was not exactly pleased and I believe secretly she wasn’t either.  Well, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and rather happy when I received this picture tonight showing her latest style.  You did good this time Olivia…very cute.  This picture was taken and forwarded to me with her cell phone.  Thanks sweety, and I love you.


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Olivia doesn’t have access to internet at her home, so she is happy as can be to take advantage of mine when she visits us.  I grabbed one of her new cameras and got this picture of her a couple of days ago.  She is more than welcome to spend as much time as possible here and even on my computer.  Love ya Olivia !!!


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This winter has been a real mess here at our house, and you can see the evidence in these pictures.  The first one was taken in December 2010 during a severe ‘ice storm’ that passed through our yard.  I grabbed the camera and snapped this picture just as a lot of the limbs were breaking.  A few months earlier we had 3 beautiful white pine trees, but a wind storm took the middle tree totally out of the ground along with half of one of the trees.  Then along came the ice and broke out most of the other limbs.

The second pictures shows Rick trying to clean up some of the mess.  He would have worked on it earlier, but the temperatures just have not been warm enough  until today to allow working outside.  Again, I had to grab a camera and snap away. 

The first picture was taken with Rick’s Nikon D50 that we have had for several years.  I want to thank Olivia for letting me borrow one of her cameras that she received for Christmas, a Kodak C143 which I used to take the second photo.  Both pictures turned out pretty good.  Now we just need to continue to pray that we don’t get any more ice and wind.

Yes, that is ice and not snow on the trees in the first picture.


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Madison loves to have her picture taken, but you never know what the final result will be.  As you can see, she was all smiles for the first picture, then making that ‘frown’ face.  She is so adoreable either smiling or frowning and of course GranGran just has to show off both ‘faces’.  Love you Madison !!!

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