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Rick and I had a nice visit with his Mom this morning and on the way back to our home this flock of chickens was crossing the road.  It took a few seconds to get the camera turned on and by that time they were already on the other side, but I snapped this photo and thought I would share it with you folks.  You never know what you will encounter on this particular stretch of road…some folks have seen bears and a few years ago even a bear cub up a tree.  So be careful driving because you might have to make a quick stop and if you have a camera handy, it could result in a nice photo.


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Our church, Pleasant View Baptist in the Widener Valley Community finally was able to present the Christmas Pageant “The Greatest Story Ever Told” after several postponements due to lots of snow and ice.  Each year the young kids get the honor of being angels and most of the times there have been both boys and girls.  However, this year there were only girls and Madison posed for Olivia to take a photo after the presentation.  We had hoped to get several pictures, but the lighting was not so good, but I think Madison looks adorable, although her expression isn’t very angelic.


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We have already had plenty of snow this season, but God has decided that we need more so Rick and I are taking advantage of the opportunity to get some photos of the white stuff.  A few days ago we decided to take a drive to South Holston Lake and see what we could find.  This is one of the great scenes that welcomed us, so we snapped and snapped several pictures.  We traded the camera back and forth so much that I’m not certain which of us took this, but it doesn’t matter since it is God that provided the scenery and we just saved it for future remembrance.


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Madison received a thingamajig for Christmas that connects to the TV and allows her to dance with different characters.  She can even upload her face to the characters as seen in this picture and also can see herself dance with the character.  Madison is having a great time and of course GranGran is having a great time watching her.  Madison says “thanks Aunt Amy for this great gift”.


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Rick and I want to say Happy New Year to all you folks.  No we didn’t take this photo ourselves, we just handed our camera to his brother Glen and had him to do the snapping and I must say he did a pretty good job with what he had to work with.  Thanks Glen.

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