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I love my pets however strange they may be…Houdini and Tigger.  Pooh has gone on to “Cat Heaven”, which leaves me with only two pets now.  Houdini is around 6 years of age and Tigger approximately 12 years of age.  We have never failed to have a Christmas tree and never before has any pet bothered them.  Well, this year was different…  I would hear a noise and sure enough when I went to investigate, there would be Tigger messing around the tree.  I snapped this cute picture of her on one of the gifts.  She loved to play with the ornaments also and knocked a few off.  I will just have to put the blame of her being lonely without Pooh.  Luv ya, Houdini and Tigger.  Happy New Year in the Rouse home.


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Christmas has always been very special for our families and this one was no different.  We began the day by getting up early and our first stop along the way was to spend some time with Rick’s Mom.  Of course, I had to grab the camera and got this great picture of them.  The next stop along the journey was to have dinner (lunch for you city folks) with Aunt Eleanor, along with Aunt Mary and cousins Vota and Betty.  The last stop for the day was supper (dinner for city slickers) with my Mom, sisters and Amy, along with Tami, her family and niece Alisa and brother-in-law Bill.  I took the picture of Aunt Eleanor and Rick snapped the one of Mom with us sisters.  It really turned into a fantastic day and we even enjoyed the snowy ride back to our home.


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Olivia’s Aunt Amy surprised her with a camera for Christmas and since she had always used hand-me-downs from Rick and me, she was certainly happy to get her own.  The last one we gave her died back in the summer, so she was feeling a little sad, however, making do with her cell phone camera (it does take great pics).  Now, Olivia we are expecting to see bunches of great pictures and I’m sure we will not be disappointed.


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It’s Christmas once again, so I had to get the grandkids to get all spiffied up and snap a few pictures.  This is the result and if I do say so myself, I think it turned out rather festive and the girls are beautiful, as always.  Merry Christmas Olivia and Madison…luv ya lots !!!


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I’m always playing around with pictures that I take, just to see what I can do to make them just a bit different.  My granddaughters Olivia and Madison are usually my targets and they make for some interesting images.  Olivia was relaxing at Aunt Eleanor’s Thanksgiving and I got a great shot of her in her hot pink boots, but decided to see what she would look like antiqued and this is the result.  Madison was helping me decorate the Christmas tree a few days ago, and I got a perfect shot of her also, and got a great antiqued result also.  It is fun taking their pictures and even more fun changing the originals to something just a bit different.  Luv ya girls!!!

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