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These pictures are not what you normally see on here, but I thought I’d share just a bit of some of the damage when we had a powerful wind storm come thru our area a couple of days ago.  I am aware that the pictures are not the best, but when Rick and I went for a ride to view the damage we forgot to take the camera along (which certainly is not normal for us), so I had to use my cell phone and it doesn’t take the best pictures.   It may be hard to realize just how bad this storm was, but we were without electricity for two days and I can tell you that it was no fun.

Madison and Olivia spent the first night with us and a 3 year old just doesn’t understand why the TV doesn’t work, and a 15 year old isn’t happy when the computer isn’t working.  They found out real fast what it is like to try to do things by candle light and GranGran and Papaw were not too happy either.  I suppose God uses instances such as this to remind us of how thankful we should be for the modern conveniences He allows us to have.


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A few years ago (won’t say how many), a baby girl came into my life.  She has now grown into a fine young lady and has been a fantastic daughter.  Today we celebrate her birthday and I want to take just a moment to let her know how very special she is to me.  This picture was taken last Sunday when we met at Shatley Springs just as she was getting ready to go back to her home in Rock Hill, SC.

Happy Birthday Amy, my first-born and I hope life makes you just as happy as you have always made me.


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On our way to Shatley Springs, NC  this past Sunday, to celebrate several birthdays, we made several stops to take pictures.  Most of the pictures were taken by Rick and I, but Olivia has inherited some talent for photography also.  At one of our stops, she just happened to see this cute little butterfly and grabbed the camera  to get a great shot of it before it flew away.  Hopefully one day in the near future we can get her a nice camera of her own.  Then Rick and I had better watch out, because the pictures she takes now are great and when she gets her own camera we will have some competition for sure.  Love ya Olivia and this is a beautiful picture.


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The month of October is packed full of birthdays for my family beginning with Rick, who celebrated his 50th on the 8th, and I will celebrate on the 14th, followed by daughter Amy on the 20th.  We decided that we would take a short trip and enjoy the scenery and delicous food at Shatley Springs, NC on Sunday the 10th.

Each of us began our trip at different times of the day, with Amy and Gene leaving Rock Hill, SC late Saturday night, followed by Rick, Olivia and myself leaving our home near Meadowview, Va around 10:30 Sunday morning, then Tami, Rob and Madison left the Bristol, Va area at 2:15p.m. and we enjoyed the Family Style meal together.

Each of us experienced different things along the way.  First of all, Amy and Gene both are skydivers with Gene actually working at the Drop Zone in Chester, SC.  They had planned to leave a little eary, as soon as they finished jumping for the day, however one of their fellow jumpers had a mishap and his main chute ended up in a tree.  Part of Gene’s job at the DZ is to assist  to retrieve things out of trees, it being a chute or person, so up the tree Gene goes just about the time they had planned to leave.  Amy waited in the car for Gene to come back down and they finally arrived in Hickory, NC and spent the night, then left on Sunday to meet us at Shatley Springs.

Rick, Olivia and I left Meadowview early on Sunday and took a route which was different than we normally take, just so that we could stop along the way and take some fall pictures.  We really enjoyed not having to rush and we most certainly got some great pictures, but the sun was so bright that some of the pictures were not as good as we had hoped.  The slow ride through the mountains was well worth the trip.

Last of all, Tami was not scheduled to work on Sunday, but was called in and the good employee that she is, went to work, but not at her normal hours…as she says “5 a.m. comes mighty early” especially when you don’t think you are going to have to be there that early.  She and Madison had planned to ride with us and Rob follow when he got off work, but they ended up being able to ride with Rob.

We all finally got together at the resturant and had a great time celebrating the October birthdays.  Next will be Tami’s in November and Rick and my 7th Annicersary, so we will have to think of something interesting for those celebrations.


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Rick is celebrating his 50th birthday today, October 8th.  Wow…you don’t look a day older than you did yesterday…hehehe

I love ya and hope this one has been your best ever.

Your sweety Cheria

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