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Madison is always changing clothes and loves to dress up, mostly in her own clothing, but a few days ago I had left one of my shirts laying beside my computer.  As you can see, Madison decided to wear it for a while and I have to say that even though it is rather large on her, she still looks cute as can be.  You never know what that little red-head is going to be doing, but it will always be interesting for sure.


Cheria chattering about... 1 Comment »

Rick and I were in our kitchen this morning and I was getting ready to leave for work when we heard a loud noise and soon realized that a bird had hit the glass on our door going outside onto our back patio.  There sat one bird and just a few inches from it was another lying on its back.  I just knew it had been injured so badly that it would be singing with the birds in heaven.  It appeared that the other one was watching over it and was not about to move, even as I approached the door.  I walked away and told Rick that when the one flew away that he would have to move the deceased one.

Well……I walked back into another room and a few minutes later checked to see if the bird had left and found both sitting facing each other, but still neither of them moved as I approached the door.  I left the area again and then approached the door and the one took one look toward me as I snapped the first picture and then flew off into an apple tree.  The injured bird was still sitting alone when I went outside to go to work and Rick came back inside and took a picture of the injured bird and he said it sat there for a few minutes later and then joined its friend in the apple tree.

I’m certainly happy that this little fellow survived its head-on collision with our door and wish it a very long and happy life in our back yard.  I don’t know what breed of birds they are, but they certainly appeared to be caring about each other (Rick said may be young doves).

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