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As a 15 year old Olivia’s dress style is not exactly what I would like, but she is a teenager and as such she will probably have several styles thru the next few years.  Some of those I will love and some I will not be so fond of, but I will love Olivia, no matter what.  She recently graduated from middle school and received some money as gifts and never would she think of saving some of it…it just might burn a hole in her pocket.  She ran a little short of having enough to pay for these hot pink boots, so her mom and I helped her.  They are not my favorite, but I’m sure she could have found something I would hate more.  As long as Olivia likes them I suppose that is all that matters.  Love ya Olivia !!!


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I do believe that Madison got some of that “Cook” talent (and some from her Dad also) as she is shown playing her keyboard and singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.  She loves singing and we love hearing her and hope that she continues to love it as she matures.  She has 3 favorite songs which are “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “Jesus Loves Me” and “The B-I-B-L-E” and she can’t stop at singing one of them at a time, but has to sing them all before stopping and they are sung in that order.  Keep up the singing Madison…love ya.


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It seems only yesterday that I was holding Olivia in my arms as a newborn and being so happy and proud to have her as my very first granddaughter.  Now she is maturing into a very special young lady and I’m still just as proud of her (believe me that will never change).  Tonight she went from being a middle school student and this fall will enter the high school stage of life.  She graduated from EB Stanley Middle School and will begin her high school years attending Abingdon High School.

The first picture shows Olivia receiving her certificate of graduation and the second picture shows her leaving the ceremony and her friend Alexis is following behind.  They are not sisters or even related, but they do have the same last name which is Hall.  Congratulations girls…Papaw Rick and I love you Olivia and are so proud of you!!!


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Rick’s Mom (aka Nanny) absolutely loves her bird feeders and she has to make sure that her squirrel friend gets his share also.  On our visit last week I grabbed the camera and got these neat shots.  Probably no need to explain, but I will anyway…first picture, Mr Squirrel is saying something like “Dear Lord, please help me hang on”…second picture “Dear Lord, I’ve made it this far, please just a little further”…and third picture, “Thank you Lord, this certainly is some good eating”.

FUN and WORK? YES!!!

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Anyone who visits this site already knows that my daughter Amy loves to skydive and does so almost every weekend and any other days she can fit it into her busy schedule.  You also saw that this past weekend I visited her and Gene and we made the usual trip to the DZ (drop zone).  Gene jumps for fun, but he is also making his living by working there…packing ‘chutes’, making tandem jumps and doing repairs, among other tasks.

Amy jumps for fun, but she is also a member of a very special team “Carolina Kaboom”…they competed in the US Nationals last year and will do so again in September 2010.  The first picture shows the team photographer Tommy and Amy along with her team companion Paul as they get ready to board the plane for one of many practice jumps. 

The second picture shows some of the work involved after the landing, which is to pack their ‘chutes’ to get ready to climb back on the plane and jump again.  I am very proud of Amy and her team members and wish safety in jumping and looking forward to September when they come home with smiles for winning (yes…you can and will win).

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