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As you already know, Madison celebrated her 3rd birthday with a family get-to-gather at our home.  Lots of times we get all kinds of pictures but fail to get family pictures…so I made sure that I got at least one of Tami, Rob, Olivia and Madison.  We were all rather tired by the end of the party, but I believe this picture turned out just fine.

Olivia is the typical teen-ager that just wants to avoid cameras, but she was really co-operative in this shot.  Madison still loves to pose for the camera most of the time.  And Tami and Rob just want me to get the pictures and be done with it…I suppose as we get older it gets that way.  As I get older I seem to want to be the photographer and get as many shots as possible.

We had a great day and I have lots of pictures as a reminder and will get plenty more as times goes by.


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My granddauhters are growing so very fast, and I am so very proud of both of them.  Just last month Olivia turned 15 years of age and now Madison is having her 3rd birthday today.  Wow…how time flies… I remember holding them both as newbornes.

We gave Madison a party on Saturday and she had so much fun even before the guests arrived.  I made cupcakes and she just had to sample them (several times) way before the party began.  I probably didn’t see all that she ate, but I counted at least 7 of them…that accounts for a lot of that energy she had all day.  The cupcakes that she ate were very small, but they certainly met with her approval.

Madison had been reminding us for several weeks that she needed 3 candles and was constantly singing “Happy Birthday” to herself.  She is sooo very adoreable.  That big smile that she has will just melt your heart, but she also has a temper to go along with the sweetness which she displays just about every day.

Well…the ‘terrible 2s’ are gone….wonder what the ‘amazing 3s’ will bring… lots of smiles, temper fits, and an abundance of love.  Happy Happy Birthday Madison from GranGran Cheria and Papaw Rick…we love you.


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Madison is always wanting to be a princess as she calls herself, so she loves to wear dresses, hats and dressy shoes.  Her GranGran Trish bought this hat for her and she loves it.  Most usually when we bring out our camera she is all smiles, but this time she was tired and just wanted to rest, but GranGran Cheria wanted to take pictures.  After lots of patience on my part I finally got this picture, which is not during one of her smiley moods, but I think it turned out very cute anyway, even with that pouty face.


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If you read this site you are very familiar with the Cook family and how very special they are and how very proud I am to be a member of that family.  Granny and Granddaddy Cook have been enjoying their Heavenly home for many many years now and Uncle Clayton, Uncle Earnest, and Uncle Herbert joined them over the past few years. 

Well now Uncle Vernon has joined Aunt Helen his loving wife and his mom, dad and three brothers.  Don’t you just know this is the happiest Easter he has ever experienced.  He will be truly missed here on earth, but we can’t be sad for him, only for ourselves, but we will see all of them again someday.

There are so many friends and loved ones he has already met since he made that trip to the other side.  I never heard Uncle Vernon sing like I did the other Cooks, but I’m betting he is joining in and having a great time.  I’m sure he is praising our Lord and thanking Him for dying on the cross, raising again and making a way for us all to get to heaven.

Uncle Vernon was always the quietest one in the family…he probably didn’t get a chance to say much because all the rest were always talking, but when he did speak it was something important.  He was a lot like Granny…she said “if you can’t say anything good about someone, then just don’t say anything”, and she practiced just what she said and so did Uncle Vernon.

Many times I would go to Aunt Eleanor’s and there would be vegetables sitting around for all of us to enjoy and when asked where they came from….guess what?…from Uncle Vernon’s garden.  He loved sharing with his family and his family certainly loved him dearly.

Uncle Vernon….we already miss you….but I’m so happy you are enjoying this Easter with those loved ones and friends that you have missed for so long.  Happy Easter in Heaven and Heaven is a better place since you are now there.

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