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My favorite style of music is Gospel, and that is mainly because that is what I grew up listening to and singing with my Cook family.  I suppose our ‘style’ was ‘country’ because that’s what we were…just plain ole country folk singing plain and simple.  Well…a few years ago, Rick and I had the privilege of meeting Charles Dolinger… better known as “Lightnin’ Charlie’.  He happened to be performing on The Pickin’ Porch at the Bristol Mall in Bristol, VA and at that time we were taking pictures and we have several of him singing.

We heard that Lightnin’ sings the ‘Blues’ style of music and this ole country girl thought…hmmm…that is just not going to be anything I would enjoy.  WOW…was I ever wrong and I do mean BIG TIME WRONG!!!  From the very first time he opened his mouth I was just amazed and that amazement just keeps going each and every time I hear him sing.  I’m here to tell you…that man can sing!!!

A few weeks ago Lightning Charlie sent Rick an email asking if we would like to do a review of his latest CD “TRUST IN GOD” and of course we were thrilled to accept.  Yesterday we received the CD and the first thing I did when I walked into the house was listen to it and once again I was simply amazed.  Beth, Lightnin’ Charlie’s wife joined him on several of the songs, and their sons Sidney and Samuel also joined in on one of them as well   It sure  sounds like they inherited some talent from their parents.

If you have never heard Gospel sung “Blues” style and especially if you haven’t heard Lightnin’ Charlie and his wife, you certainly are missing out on some fantastic music.  They don’t just sing to be singing…they sing to be giving praise to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, from the very first song, “I Trust in God” til the last “How Great Thou Art”.

“God’s Good News” was written by Lightnin’ himself and Brownie McGhee and I know you will enjoy it just as much as I do.  “Walk Dem Golden Stairs” is a song I have heard since I was just a young kid, but never have I heard it sung as only Lightning’ Charlie can do it.   “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, Master’s Call”, and “Rivers of Babylon” will just make you yearn for more.  I have to say as much as I have always enjoyed Hank Williams singing “I Saw The Light”, I do believe Lightning’ Charlie just makes it go straight to my heart.

Dottie Rambo wrote “Remind Me Dear Lord” and this is my favorite song on the CD.  Beth and Charlie have made me appreciate this song even more than I did before hearing them sing it.  “Down by the Riverside”, “Only Believe” and “How About You” are just great also.  Only Lightning’ Charlie can make “America The Beautiful” sound so amazing and no one can bring out the emotions as he does on “How Great Thou Art”.

Beth, Lightning’ Charlie, Sidney and Samuel Dolinger, I just want to say thank you for recording such a great CD and thanks even more for allowing Rick and me the opportunity of listening to some “Gospel” the way it should be heard.  God bless!!!


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March 5, 1995 was a very special day in my life because I became a grandmother for the very first time…yep…Olivia Colleen  was born and life has not been the same since.  Olivia has since grown into a great teenager and she turned 15 last Friday.  Some of her friends joined her on Friday to watch a movie along with her Aunt Amy, her Mom Tami and Rob.  I understand they had a great time.

Then on Saturday several family members joined her at our house for pizza and cake.  As you can see by the second picture, little sissy Madison had a great time also.  Here’s wishing you many, many more happy birthdays.  I thank God every day for sending you into our lives.  Love ya Olivia!!!


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About 14 years ago Amy was working for a veternarian in Wilmington, NC and she called saying there was a kittie there that someone had just dropped outside their office near their trash and it was needing a good home.  She already had a kittie of her own and also a dog and they were all living in a very small apartment where there just was no more room for another pet.  As usual, dear ole Mom came to the rescue and so Pooh became a family member. 

He was a very sweet little kitty for a very short time, then he became what I refer to as the ‘devil cat’.  He could see something move and pounce on it with claws scratching and teeth trying to bite.  Olivia was just a toddler at the time and he left bunches of scratches on Olivia and me both.  Amy decided that the problem could be easily solved by having him neutered, so that task was taken care of… however the ‘devil personality’ wasn’t.

The next few months continued to consist of trying to walk through the house and dodge Pooh, then one day Tami called saying that there was a kitty needing a good home.  Immediately my response was “NO”, because I was having enough problems with Pooh and I certainly didn’t want to add to that.  Of course, being the animal lovers that my daughters are, they had a conversation of their own and decided that having another kitty would solve all my problems.

Have you ever tried arguing with two young girls who think they know more than their Mom?  As you have already guessed, those two girls, along with little Olivia won that debate and so along comes Tigger.  I’m telling you I had no idea how things would change at my house…almost immediately Pooh became a different cat…he actually became a pet.  And for the past years Pooh and Tigger became best buddies and after an illness about 10 years ago Pooh and I became best friends.

Last week Pooh began feeling a little sick and he was taken to a local vet for treatment.  This morning I got a phone telling me that my friend Pooh had passed away during the night.  We certainly will miss Pooh, but I’m sure Tigger will miss chasing him through the house during the night and so will Maya when she comes to visit.  Houdini even finally made friends with him after Pooh finally came out from hiding.  When we first adopted Houdini, Pooh thought we had brought the ‘devil’ into our home.  Olivia and Madison loved Pooh also and Rick loved him, but knew he was MY pet.

Pooh…I love you and I bet you are having a time playing with Nook, Sage and my first pet friend Bozo.  This home will never be the same.


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I love looking at pictures that were taken years ago and I found this first picture that was taken several years ago (not sure exactly when).  I was playing at my Uncle Bob and Aunt Lorraine’s wedding.  Then the next picture is just a couple of years ago when I was participating in our church Christmas play.  My how we change in appearance, but my love for music and playing the piano will never change.  I am not the best pianist, but I’m certain I love it as much as anyone.

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