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reduced pic in mirrorr

yummy nut

This afternoon Rick and I decided to take a trip to our local library, but before we went inside, our church service from last Sunday was being broadcast on the radio and we wanted to listen to it so we sat in the car for a few minutes.  While listening to our choir sing I picked up the camera that we always make sure is handy,  and in playing around I got the picture of me in the side-view mirror.

Just as we were ready to get out of the car, we looked up and there sat this cute little squirrel carrying a walnut across the fence.  He stayed there just long enough for us to get a couple of pictures, then scampered up the tree and out of sight.

I suppose you can find an opportunity to take pictures no matter where you might be, even though they might not always be perfect technically as Rick would say. But it sure is fun just getting home and seeing what you got.


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I suppose you are wondering why I have pictures that look the same today.  If you look really close you will realize that they are the same dress, but you can see the difference in the quality of the pictures.  The first picture was taken with my Canon camera and the next one was taken with Rick’s Nikon. 

At one time I had a very good point and shoot camera that was made by Kodak and it took great pictures until one day it just died and because the warranty was still good, we replaced it with the Canon.  From the time I got that camera it just didn’t produce the same quality of pictures, but to begin with I just assumed that it was the photographer’s fault and that I just had to get used to the camera.  However, as time went on I realised that was not the case, but by then I could not replace it, although we had purchased the extended warranty.

And that brings me to the point of this article.  The camera did actually go bad and when we purchased the extended warranty we were told that if anything went wrong that we would get a new camera.  Well….that is not what happened.  We took the camera for replacement and were told that it would have to be repaired 3 times before there would be a replacement.

If you have ever purchased an extended warranty you know there is no chance to read the contract before you put out the money.  You have to take the salesperson’s word for what you are buying.  Never again will we do such a thing…what you are told and what the contract really says just are not the same.

The first time we took the camera in for repair we were told that we probably would get a replacement because it appeared that it would cost too much to repair it.  We were told a few days later that it could not be repaired and that we would be called to come in and pick out a replacement if we didn’t want the same type camera.  However a couple days later a box was left on our porch and inside was the old camera, which they said had been repaired.  We had never been told that they were sending it to our house, only that if it was to be repaired that we would pick it up at our local Best Buy store.

Things just seemed to go down hill from that time forward.  We had purchased a 4 year extended warranty and during the first 2 years the camera was taken in for repairs 3 different times.  Then just a few weeks ago we got the camera back after the third repair and I took 3 pictures with it and before I even got home with it, the darn thing would not turn on.  We checked the batteries and sure enough, it was not working…again.

Here we go back to Best Buy and expecting to get a replacement, we were told that it would have to be sent off again for repairs.  That is NOT what the contract says, but we let them send it off again.  We did speak with a store manager and he told us that we would get a replacement or if we did not want another camera that we would get the full price that we had paid earlier in the form of a gift card.  He also told us that we would hear something within a couple of days.  Wrong again…

A week went by and still we had heard nothing, so I called the store and was told by one of their employees that all we had to do was come in and pick up a gift card.  I told him that he had better check on that statement because the manager had said he would have to have an authorization number from the company that does the repairs before he could issue a gift card.  After being put on ‘hold’ for a few minutes, the employee came back and said that the manager was correct and that we would hear something probably by the next day.

Wrong again… So we went into the same Best Buy store again and asked to speak to the manager.  Out comes another man who said he was the store manager (how many does each store have?).  We were told that the company who does the repairs would have to make a determination as to whether we would get a repaired camera or replacement.  We tried to explain that was not what the contract stated, but we would just have to wait again.

Again we waited another week and I called the store again.  This time we were told that they had received the authorization number and all we had to do was come in and get another camera or a gift card.  If only things were that simple.  When we arrived and began the process, the employee told us that we could take another camera or a gift card in an amount that was $100 less than we had paid for the other camera.  We asked to speak to the manager and would you believe….a different manager came out.  How many managers does it take to run a store anyway?  No matter what, they were not about to let us have what we were told by the other manager or even what the contract stated.

So… we spent about an hour spending the ‘gift card’ because we just did not trust going out of the store and later trying to use the card.  Believe me, we spent every single penny of that card.  I will have enough ink and paper to last for a while.

I hope you have had better luck than we did with the Bristol, Va Best Buy store, however since our experience, I have talked to other members in our family and they have had similiar experiences with them.  I won’t say that I will never purchase anything from them again, but I will say that I will never purchase a major item from them and for sure never purchase an extended warranty, because they do not honor the warranty.  I believe they should also train their employees better, because each time we spoke with someone there we were always told something different.


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madison petting puppy

As you know, Rick and I visit our local animal shelter each week and take pictures of some of the pets they have available for adoption, then I post them on   Several of them are adopted because of those pictures.   Usually the dogs are adults or young, but yesterday when we arrived there were twelve puppies that are just now old enough to be adopted out.

Madison was with us, and of course she just had to pet the puppies.  I got this great picture of her petting this cute puppy.  I do believe she got her love of animals from her Aunt Amy and that is just fine with me, because I enjoy watching her with the pets.

If you are looking for a pet please take a few minutes and visit your local animal shelter and you probably will find just what you are looking for.  The pet will love you just as much, if not more than one that you could go out and pay way too much for elsewhere.


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tobacco cutting

We were on our way to take Madison home earlier today and passed these guys cutting and spearing in the tobacco patch which is just a short walking distance from Tami’s home.  Wow…this brings back some memories from when Rick and I were growing up, and I have to say they are not fond memories. 

 My parents always worked in tobacco when I was growing up and so did Rick’s and as usual, the kids had to help also.  I’m sure it helped pay the bills, but it certainly didn’t help my attitude about working during the summer. 

 The work began for my sisters and I when the tobacco was planted.  Sometimes there was a planter to ride, but most usually we had to set it out by hand and as the weeks went by, if some of it didn’t do so good, we had to replant. 

 Then came the ‘suckering’, which meant we went through the tobacco and pulled off some pieces that didn’t belong (I’m not sure what the purpose of those pieces were), and that tobacco was so sticky.  Mom always made us wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts because she didn’t want us to get ‘sunburned’.  And looking back I guess it kept some of the sticky stuff off of us, but it sure was hot and sweaty. 

 Next came the cutting and spearing of the tobacco onto sticks that was hung in the barn until later.  I never could do so good with the cutting and spearing, so I usually carried the sticks and placed them along side the row so that they would be close-by for those cutting and spearing.  The tobacco was left out for a few days in the field and then loaded on a wagon and hauled to the barn and hung there until it ‘cured’ and was ready for stripping and tying.  Of course we had to help with all of that also and I have to say that stripping and tying wasn’t as bad as the planting and cutting (in my opinion). 

 When we helped Grandaddy Dolinger work he always had candy and drinks available for us to enjoy a good snack, and he loved to ‘snack’ real often.  I suppose those snacks had to be the best thing about ‘working in tobacco’, because I sure don’t miss that part of my growing up years at all. 

Whenever we see someone out in the tobacco patch, Rick will ask if I would like to stop and help out and I just tell him to keep moving.  That was the hardest work I ever did and I have no desire to ever do it again.


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balloons over the house

balloon bunny

Each year the Town of Abingdon, Va has the Highlands Festival and thousands of visistors arrive to see the different sights, among which is the launching of the hot air balloons from the 4-H Center, located approximately 2 1/2 miles from our house.  Last Friday evening we left our house here in Meadowview, Va and Madison looked up in the sky pointing at something, which turned out to be these balloons.  We grabbed the camera and got a few shots of them as they passed by our house.  Those balloons were flying really low and we believe they probably landed not far from the house, but we were in a hurry so we didn’t get to watch them land.  As we were driving down Lee Hwy, we noticed more balloons headed in the same direction and stopped along the road and got this picture of the ‘energizer bunny’ balloon.  Madison just wanted to catch them and was very excited to see them.  The next morning we saw more balloons, but we were not able to get any good shots of them…maybe next year we will have better luck.


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how does this work

aint I cute

Madison is always finding something to play with and tonight she came into the office playing with my bra that was laying on the chair,  and this is the result.  Could she be any more cute than this???  Just wait Madison because when you need to wear them, then you will be trying to find ways not to have to wear one.


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pond and hayfield

We make a trip to our community where Rick and I both grew up very often since both our moms still live there along with a bunch of other relatives that we visit as much as we possibly can.  As usual we had our camera (Rick’s) with us on this particular trip and of course we just had to stop and snap some pictures along the way.  This shows all the hay that was grown due to the abundance of rain and also the little pond that had been dry for several years, but now is full of water.  The Widener Valley community was a great place to grow up in and is still a great place to visit.

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