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ann and hansford

a kiss for his honey

Two very special folks celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary today and I’m proud to be a member of their wonderful family.  This is my Aunt Ann and Uncle Hansford Collins.  Ann is my dad’s baby sister and these two folks have really been a blessing in my life.  They always have a smile on their faces every time I see them.  I was the official picture taker at their celebration and I enjoyed every minute of it and as you can see they enjoyed it also.  Happy Anniversary and I wish you many many more years together.

VBS July ’09

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elephant hat


Vacation Bible School is always a very popular time of the year for the kids and this year at our church, Pleasant View Baptist in the Widener Valley Community, was a great success with all, kids and adults alike.  Madison had a great time and big sis Olivia was the typical teen, but I think she enjoyed it also.  Madison is showing off one of the crafts they made which is the elephant hat and Olivia is showing the monkey, which was made from peanuts.  I taught the next age group of kids and we had fun also….they especially liked beating on the drums we made, but their parents might not be so pleased.  We look forward to VBS again next year.


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Shoooo Fly

As usual I went to spend Sunday afternoon with Aunt Eleanor between the time we got out of our morning church services and the evening service.  When I walked into the dining room, this strange looking thing was laying on her table.  She told me that Granny Cook always used one of these to shoo off the flies or any other bugs or insects that might want to come visit while they were eating.  She said that most of the time the kids were the ones that were appointed this task.  Aunt Eleanor decided to make one for herself a few days ago and this is the result…..watch out bugs…that stick and ole newspaper could become your worst enemy.


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rick mowing

                            Not as much fun as riding……..

rick and tree

                                               This is much better….

cheria and tree

                                                     I really like watching…

Rick has been experiencing severe back and leg pain whenever he sits or stands, so he had to swap the trusty ole riding mower for the push one today.  As you can see I enjoyed watching him.  He  wanted me to ride the mower, but even though I’m a country girl, I just don’t like riding those crazy things.  I would have pushed, but he thinks I’m too slow.

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