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what is this for

                 Now I wonder what this big green thing is for???

maybe a drink

                                   Maybe I can get a really big big drink…..

makes a great hat

                       Oh Wow….it makes a fantastic hat….Now how cute is that???

Madison is always finding things to play with at our house and this enormous cup/bowl just happened to catch her eye.  And as you can see, she is having a great time playing with it.


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coming storm

seahorseOlivia came home with some great pictures that she had taken during her visit to Florida and Rick shared one on his website . I thought I would share a couple here.  She had hoped to see the dolphins, but as you can see, a storm decided to come instead and she got some fantastic pictures of the storm.  While visiting the aquarium she also got this picture of the sea horses.


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madison riding houdiniOlivia has just returned from Florida after spending a week with her other grandmother Alice and her Dad, and she had to get on my computer and see what she had missed while away.  As you can see, she is enjoying listening to some of her favorite music.  While sissy Olivia was having fun, Madison decided that she wanted to have some fun also.  Rick was in the office at the time and he yelled for me to come and see what was happening – and the result is this picture of Madison riding on Houdini’s back.  She loved it and Houdini didn’t seem to mind either.


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catching a golf ball reducedAmy loves to skydive and she does it every weekend and sometimes more often if the weather and her busy schedule allows time for it.  The jumpers are always doing something different and in this picture a friend of her’s had thrown out a golf ball and it appears that Amy is trying to catch it.  I think she missed, but another jumper did retrieve it before it hit the ground.  It may be little, but could have done some serious injury if it had hit the wrong way or perhaps a person.  I just pray that Amy and her friends always stay safe.  Amy has a lot more nerves for doing stuff like this than her mom and I’m very proud of anything that she does or tries to do.  Love ya Amy !!!


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Amy has always loved animals, especially her dogs.  At her house Maya knows that she is not allowed on the furniture, but when Amy went to bed a couple of nights ago here, Maya just jumped right onto the bed and refused to move.  It really surprised us, but she didn’t stay long.  As soon as the lights were turned off she went to the floor and slept there until morning.  I suppose even animals know they can get by with more at GranGran’s house.


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Yep… Madison is no longer a baby… she can swim all by herself (with the help of floatees on her arms).  She went to visit her Pappy Roger today and her Mom Tami took this great picture.  She sure is having fun and keeping cool.  Way to go Madison!!!


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Granddaughters are so much fun and I enjoy every minute that I can have with mine.  I hear people saying they are great but that they are a joy as long as they end up going back home, but I have to disagree with that statement.  I would keep Olivia and Madison all the time if I could, and I believe they love me also.  They both can talk non-stop (which came from the Cook side of the family) and they can both have a bit of a temper which I always say came from somewhere else besides my family.  Soooo cute (they got that from the Cooks also)….hahaha.


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Today was the last day of school for Olivia until she enters 8th grade in August, and as usual she wanted me to bring her sissy Madison to join in the fun for the day.  When we arrived the whole class ran to meet us and were trying to see who could get to Madison first.  Madison loves the attention she always get from both the girls and the boys, but this year I do believe that Ms. Minnick, one of Olivia’s teachers won her heart and I got this picture of the three of them.  Olivia will surely miss Ms Minnick and I really appreciate everything she did to help Olivia this year.  Today was also Awards Day for the 7th graders and we were really proud of Olivia for receiving a couple of awards.  She was the representative for her class in the SCA and also received an award for being on the Honor Roll all year.  Great accomplishments Olivia….we love you and are so very proud of you.


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music-cornerAs everyone who reads the stuff I write on here knows,  I love music whether it be singing, playing the piano or organ at church or at home, or just listening to others playing music.  Because of my love for music (that I inherited from the ‘Cook’ family) I just had to have a corner in my home for my small keyboard and even Madison has her own little one right beside of  GranGran’s.   Rick says that one of these days I will have my very own ‘baby grand’ piano, but until then, I will just go on enjoying what I’ve got.


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Rick’s mom has made hundreds of quilts (maybe even thousands) during her lifetime and she is extremely proud of each and every one and is so eager to show off each new one whenever someone visits her.  This quilt pattern is just a little different than what she usually does, but it is just as beautiful as any of them.  She had a water heater to spring a leak and so the carpet had to be replaced in her sewing/quest room, so she decided that she just had to make a new quilt for the bed to match the new bright blue carpet.  They all turned out really beautiful to match the beauty of the lovely lady who is very special and wins the heart of anyone who meets her.  We love you Nanny and are looking forward to seeing what the next quilt will look like.

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