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I’ve been writing a lot about our property lately and most of my thoughts have been pleasant, but this one is not my favorite subject.  As you can see, this is a picture of a critter that I hate and when I get to heaven I just might have to ask why such a critter had to exist.  Anyway, it for sure is deceased or I would not have taken this picture.  Rick was mowing more of our ‘hay field’ when he saw the grass moving and he tracked down this snake and sent it to it’s final resting place.  This is not the first and I’m sure it will not be the last one to appear on our property and I’m sure he will be glad to get rid of them all.  As far as I’m concerned, the only good snake is a dead one and spiders are the same.


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While walking thru our yard watching Rick mow our lawn,  I decided to snap some pictures of some of the flowers that we inherited when we purchased our home.  I’m not very knowledeable about plants and flowers, so I have no idea what the names of these flowers are.  I just know that they are very pretty.  The light purple one is located just in front of our driveway and there are three bushes of these flowers ranging from light purple to pink and white.  The white one attracted this fly and I just happened to get a quick snap of it resting among it’s blossoms.  The last flower I found among the pine trees that are next to Rick’s work shack.  Well, that’s a walk thru some of our flowers and hope you enjoyed the walk as much as I did.


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A few years ago we moved out into the country from the town of Abingdon and we love the property and house very much.  However, when it came time to begin mowing nearly four acres of grass we decided it was time to purchase a riding mower.   This is our third year of tackling that task or maybe I should say that job belongs to Rick.  Well, this year the mower decided it was time for some repairs and by the time the repairs were made and all the rain had stopped long enough to mow, the grass had just about gotten too tall.  Rick has had to do a little bit at a time and I grabbed my camera (the one that dosen’t work so well) and snapped off a few pictures of him attempting to get the grass cut.  As you can see, we had sort of a hay field.  The first picture was Rick’s first round of mowing and the next one is of his second mowing of the same spot.  Well, as he said later….maybe it won’t be so hard to mow next week.


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A few days ago Rick and I were driving toward Damascus from Abingdon and spotted some horses and a mule grazing in a field and being the crazy photographers that we have become, we just had to stop and try to snap some pictures.  We pulled off the side of the road at the end of the field and the animals came running up to us.  Rick took several pictures with his camera and I snapped a few with mine, but of course since my camera is having problems, he got the best pictures.  I just had to show off this particular picture, so I got his permission to use it on here and I hope you enjoy seeing it.  I also snapped this picture of Rick taking a picture and you can see what a difference there is in the picture quality (I just wish my camera would go ahead and die so that I can get a new one, since this one has been repaired twice already).


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Olivia attends EB Stanley Middle School and last night the 7th grade Chorus presented their spring musical “Rockin’ America”.  These kids always do a fantastic show and everyone enjoys the show and the students really have fun presenting it.  Olivia was supposed to dance in the first song ‘We Will Rock You’, but unfortunately she had an accident resulting in a severely sprained ankle and so she had to sit on the side and just do the singing and ‘hand motions’.   The show was a great success and we look forward to seeing what they present next year as 8th graders.  Great show kids!!!

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