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Amy is still skydiving and enjoying it very much and I’m still getting nervous every weekend because I know that is what she will be doing when the weather is good.  Now she is practicing for competition in the fall and she told me that she has jumped nearly 500 times.  This past weekend was beautiful, so she jumped 15 times in two days and Mike Reyes took these pictures that show her having a great time.  When we go visit her in Rock Hill, SC we always have to go watch her fall out of the sky at Skydive Carolina in Chester, SC.


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Now that it is feeling like summer (thank God), I’m gonna remind you of winter.  The first picture was taken from my front porch and the second one was taken from my back porch on one of those cold wintry days.  I think  the world is beautiful with several inches of the ‘white stuff’  all over the place, but I also like it just as well when it has just begun to snow and you can still see the green grass underneath. Ok, now that you have a reminder of what was and is now past for a while, let’s enjoy all these great warm and sunny days.


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As you know, Madison had her second birthday recently and she got a new swingset….however it was not totally complete at that time, but enough for her to swing and slide.  Papaw Rick and I finally got it finished and the result is the pictures showing.  Madison sure is enjoying it, but she looks like she is gazing out through jail bars.  We have had some great weather for her to enjoy the outdoors.

Just a note of warning if you want to purchase and assemble this swingset….it is a VERY huge task and requires a lot of patience (which was stretched very thin at times).


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WOW….Madison is a big girl now.  Her second birthday is today and this past Saturday several of her grandparents, mom,  dad , sissy Olivia along with her Aunt Amy and other friends and relatives gave her a birthday party here at our house.  Let me tell you….that little girl had the biggest time playing on her brand new swingset, eating cake, ice cream and just plain having fun.  Her mom and dad are taking her to Chuck E Cheese today and I’m sure she will have a fantastic day playing there also.  We sure are happy to have her in our lives.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISON from GranGran Cheria and Papaw Rick….we love you lots.


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Easter is a great day for us Christians all over the world, but also a great day for all the kids.  I thought I’d show off three of my four girls and as you already know I’m very proud of all of them.  Tami and her girls were dressed up and looking really special.  Tami’s friend gave the girls a ‘chick’ for Easter and Olivia is showing it off.  Madison’s Sunday School teacher gave her a little stuffed animal that sings ‘Jesus Loves Me’.  We had lunch at my Mom’s and we all had a great time.


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As you can see we have some lazy pets – they must take after their owner.  Houdini’s favorite place to sleep is in the kitchen between the sink and the stove and just in my way while I’m trying to cook.  He always has to put his paws underneath the rug at the sink – he is soooo weird, but adoreable.  Pooh likes to relax on the sofa in the living room or if I’m sitting in the den he is either on the back of the sofa or laying on my lap.  Tigger also likes to be with me in the den, but she also loves her little kitty ‘bed’.  None of them are the smartest pets on earth, but they are my ‘critters’ and I love them.


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Madison will soon be two years old…wow, they grow up way too fast.  She decided that my shoes would be fun to wear and she looked so cute that I just had to get a good picture.  She has been really cute in everything that she attempts to do and she has already entered into that “terrible twos” stage, although she hasn’t been very terrible… just a temper fit every now and then.  I suppose that comes from just a tint of red in her hair which she inherited from her mom.  Temper and all, she sure is adoreable.

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