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Yesterday was a warm spring day and Tami, Madison, myself and Bambi along with her two daughters decided to take a trip to Damascus.  The girls really enjoyed playing on the slides and swinging in the town park.  Madison wasn’t really happy about wearing her hat and sunglasses, but she looked really cute in them, and she really enjoyed drinking her mom’s peanut butter flavored milkshake.


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If you have been on here before you already know that we adopted our loveable pet Houdini from our local animal shelter.  Something that you may not know is that I go there each week and take pictures of some of the animals there (mostly dogs) and then place them on  which is a great website.  If you are interested in finding the perfect pet, I suggest that you check out the local shelter in your area.  Here in the Abingdon, Va area you can visit the C.C. Porter Animal Shelter where they have some of the sweetest pets available for adoption at a very small adoption fee.  The staff there are very friendly and very helpful in helping you find the pet that will be just right for you and your family.  You can call them at 276-676-6210 for more information or visit  to get directions and operating hours for the shelter.  Animals may be adopted at this particular shelter from Washington County and the surrounding counties and the city of Bristol.  The picture I have showing today is just one of the many pets that are available and Henry is very sweet and is looking for a good home.  He will be available for adoption on March 17, 2009.


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Olivia is no longer a little kid….she is becoming a young lady and today she had her 14th birthday.  Wow how time flies.  It seems only a short time ago that she was just a tiny baby.  Her Pappy and Judy came over for cake and we all had a great time.  Happy Birthday Olivia.


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Fireplaces are normally used to help heat a home and they certainly do put out some very toasty warmth, but when we bought our home a few years ago I was not in the least bit impressed with the stove insert and said that was going to have to be removed immediately.  Well, after we moved in I decided that I was rather fond of it and decided that it would make a great ‘what-ever’ display feature.  I’m sure that on a cold winter day when electricity might not be working, it would help with warming the home, but for now I’m happy with it just the way it is.

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