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Madison spends almost every day with me and Papaw Rick while her big sis Olivia is at school and her Mom and Dad are at work and today she decided to be a little artistic (I suppose that was her intentions).  I left her in the den while I was loading the dishwasher and thought she was watching TV.   She became really quiet, but that is not unusual when she is interested in the cartoon, so I thought nothing of it until I walked back to see what she was doing.  That’s when I saw this BIG mess she had made.  She had climbed up onto the couch and grabbed her ‘baby powder’ and as you can see, she powdered the couch, pillows and herself as well.  I tried not to laugh as I explained to her that was not a good thing to do, but Papaw Rick just had to laugh, so I had him to watch her while I vacuumed (I should have made him clean up the mess for laughing).  Oh, well, I guess that is not the first mess, although so far the messiest, and it won’t be the last.


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As you already know Amy loves to sky-dive (even though I don’t know why, because God didn’t give humans wings) and she is always sending me pictures, so I thought I’d share two of the latest ones.  The first one is when she first jumped out of the plane and the second one is after she is in the air, but before her parachute is opened.  All I can say,  she is one brave woman and a lot of prayers go up for her safety.


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If you have read any of my chatterings before, then you know that I love music, whether it be singing at church, playing the piano and organ or just humming around the house where no one can hear me.  So anything that involves music, I just have to  see if I can get it to fit into my life in some way.  One day while visiting with Rick’s Mom I noticed these miniture guitars and banjos hanging in one of her rooms and I asked about them and so she took them off the wall and gave them to me.  Rick is always talking about how his Dad loved to play and sing, so I consider them a reminder of his Dad.  I knew Paul Rouse only as a quiet man, but I wish I had known him as the musical man because I believe we would have had some good times ‘pickin’ and singin’.  He is up there with my musical family praising God in music and song and it will be great to hear them singing together some day.


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We have an extra wide hallway leading to our bedrooms and on these walls I have several pictures hanging and each wall is assigned to my two daughters, Amy and Tami.  I have found that it is extremely difficult to take pictures of pictures because there is always a big glare somewhere, but I did the best I could and here is the result of two of the walls.  I suppose it doesn’t take much to figure out which wall belongs to whom.


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We have already had more snow in ‘our neck of the woods’ this year than we have had for several years and it has been beautiful.  School was out because of the ice and snow, so we bundled up Olivia and Madison and took a trip to our neighboring state of Tennessee and visited a popular site known as Back Bone Rock.  During the spring, summer and fall, visitors climb up onto the rock and walk across it, but during the winter it would be dangerous to try to walk across it with the ice and snow.  I got this great picture showing all the snow and ice in the river that runs next to the rock.  We had a fantastic time just riding around and observing God’s beautiful world.

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