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Madison inherited some beautiful curls from both her mom and her dad, but sometimes they aren’t as curley as other times.  Yesterday they were just a little wavy, but today when it began to rain outside,  the curls came alive in full force.

I had plenty of curls when I was that age also, but a few years later my mom decided in order to keep my curls that she needed to get my hair cut very short.  Well, that didn’t work, because when my hair was short,  all my curls went away and haven’t come back yet.  My younger sister didn’t have any curls as a young girl, but now as an adult she has all kinds of curls.  I suppose we just swapped places and I will just have to do with admiring Madison’s curls.


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When my daughters Amy and Tami were born my Aunt Minnie (sister to my dad) made each of them one of the pictured dolls.    They always knew how special these dolls were and never played with them as they did their other dolls, but always wanted them to remain pretty and through the years I have kept them as a memory of their Aunt Minnie.


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Granddaughters are the best things in life next to daughters and I happen to have been blessed with the best of both.  Olivia, at nearly fourteen has decided that she only gets kisses in private (she would be embarrassed if her friends see her getting a hug or kiss from anyone).  But Madison is still giving kisses any time, any where – and they are great kisses, although at times they can get messy if she has just had some of Papaw Rick’s chocolate covered raisins or a bite of that banana she is holding.  She has discovered his hiding place for the sweets and is soooo cute begging for them.  I certainly hope Madison’s kisses keep coming my way for a long time  and Olivia’s still come, just not in public.


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Last night we got a beautiful blanket of snow and I grabbed three cameras and walked around our property snapping pictures for approximately thirty minutes this morning.  I’m not the best photographer, but I did my best and got several really good pictures.  We have several birdhouses on our three acres of property and this is just one of them.  I sure hope the birds appreciate our efforts at giving them a good place to nest and get in out of the cold on snowy days like this.


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I suppose if you have a musical talent you can make a musical instrument out of most anything.  Madison and her cousin Alisa used Granny Martha’s footstool for a drum and they both seem to be enjoying it very much.  I’m certain that Madison will grow up to have that Cook singing talent just like her cousin Alisa, who has a beautiful singing voice.


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This year the church we attend, Pleasant View Baptist located in the Widener Valley area of Washington County, Va presented the play “Conrad’s Christmas Guest”.  I played the part of the older lady that had been turned out of her cottage by her landlord.  The children presented the ‘manger’ scene and Madison was one of the angels.  During one of their songs she decided they needed some encouragement, so she took her place in front and applauded them as they sang.

Yep, she has inherited that Cook enthusiasm for music and I’m really proud of her as you can see.  Yeah, Madison!!!

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