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Olivia loves to read and text her friends on her phone and this year for Christmas she received several books that she has been asking for.  She is enjoying doing both reading and texting and also enjoying the warmer weather at Aunt Eleanor’s.


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Madison has been telling everyone that would listen that she wanted Santa to bring her ‘Elmo’  for Christmas this year and as you can see, that sweet ole gentleman granted her that wish.  Elmo does all kinds of neat things and Madison loves playing with him.


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We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  You have heard about the entire family, but you haven’t been properly introduced to all of us yet.  So here goes with the introductions – on the front row is Olivia, I am holding her sister Madison with their Mom  Tami sitting next to me.  Then on the back row is my husband Rick, skydiving daughter Amy and Tami’s husband Rob.  Now you will know better of whom I write about and can put a face to the names.  Gene was not here when this picture was taken, but I’m sure you will see his face before long, probably skydiving, since that is what he does seven days a week.


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As a young girl, Amy made up her mind that she was going to attend Va Tech and become a veternarian. That dream became reality and she did indeed graduate, but her plans as to what she wanted to do did change and she did not become a veternarian. Now we are all big VT fans and she is encouraging her nieces, Olivia and Madison to follow in her footsteps to attend VT. As you can see they are already big fans also.


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Olivia is growing up too fast for me to handle, but she is a great and beautiful granddaughter.  She sings in her 7th grade chorus at school and of course I tell her that she got her talent from me.  But in truth she really did get her singing talent from my grandparents and that makes me so proud of her.  Last night the chorus had their Christmas concert and Olivia and the rest of the kids did a fantastic job.  I was so proud to see that they kept the true meaning of Christmas in their songs along with the traditional Santa songs.  A job well done Olivia.


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 Little Madison loves to eat and dill pickles are among her favorite foods, but as you can see, she isn’t a bit stingy and loves to share.  Here she is offering me a bite as I take her picture.  She is soooo sweet and that dill pickle takes none of that sweetness away.  Of course I didn’t take a bite because I’m sure it probably had been thrown on the floor and a few other places, but that’s a kid for you.  I remember making mud pies at my Granny’s when I was a child.  And yes, they were made of water and dirt and we actually tried eating them.  Now days that would probably be considered child abuse, but to us it was just plain fun.  Madison will enjoy more pickles and lots of other tasty foods and some probably won’t be so healthy, but all in fun.


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A very special friend of ours showed me this picture and I fell in love with it immediately and of course asked permission to use it for the rest of the world to see.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  It shows the unique friendships that even animals can have.  Phyllis told me that Skipper the horse, loved to play with Blackie the cat and would almost fall sometimes making sure that he did not step on Blackie.  Wouldn’t it be great if humans were so protective of others.  Thanks Phyllis for letting me share one of your memories of the past when you were a child.


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Well, it is getting to be Christmas time again.  Wow, how time flies!!!  Anyway, a few days ago I decided to put up my Christmas tree and granddaughter Olivia was willing to help me with the decorations.  Actually, she did all the decorating since she is better at it than I am, and the above picture is the outcome of her labor.  Looks really good, I think, but of course anything Olivia does turns out really good.

I don’t thnik I’ll be putting any presents underneath the tree just yet, because little Madison likes to investigate all things and so do our two cats.  I’ll have to get another picture later with the presents.  Anyways, just wanted to share my tree with my visitors here, and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.

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