Olivia always goes to spend some time with her Aunt Amy each summer and of course she is spoiled during the visit.  But I suppose she is spoiled just a tad here also, right along with her little sister Madison.  They are both so adorable and those smiles can melt an iceberg.  Usually Olivia only stays gone for a week, but this time Amy came early and she visited for two weeks.  Rick and I really missed her a lot and so did Madison.

As you can see in the picture Olivia and Madison have the same smile and they were so very happy to see each other.  Madison was not walking very well when Olivia left, but she is now running all over the place and it is getting hard to keep up with her.  I’m really happy to have Olivia back to help me chase her and also so that I can get all these great pictures of the two of them showing their love.