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As you know I began a new diet back in January (or as we like to say, a new lifestyle change), and since that time I have lost 13 pounds.  I had already lost some weight and this is helping me to continue on my journey in developing a healthier lifestyle.  It has not been easy considering I still cook ‘normal’ meals for my darlin’ hubby Rick, and those fried taters and cornbread fritters for Tami, Olivia and Rob.  And even Madison has begun to eat right along with them, just smacking her lips at that good ole greasy food.

The Nutrisystem food (NS) actually tastes very good and very filling.  I have never gotten hungry since beginning this ‘diet’.  Because I am on the diabetic plan I get to eat six times a day – 3 meals, 2 snacks and 1 dessert.  Sometimes I feel as though all I do all day long is eat, eat, and eat.  And I enjoy every bite of their food, and am even beginning to enjoy drinking all that water.  I also count all the times I have to go to the bathroom as part of my exercise for the day.

Today I received my third box of food and I knew that I had earned a little red ‘NutriBear’ for losing my first 10 pounds, but I had found that sometimes they will forget to send you the ‘bear’.  I was all excited about getting my bear and afraid to open the box to see if it was inside.  So I asked dear hubby Rick to check it out.  And sure enough, he got a big grin on his face and announced that indeed the bear was right there.  I was so proud to get Mr. Bear and you would have thought I was a kid at Christmas time opening a special gift.  Who would have thought that a 61 year old woman would get so excited over a little bear.  But to this woman it was something to be very excited about and very proud of because I have tried to lose weight in the past and it just didn’t work, but now I’m losing and in the not so distant future I’ll have to either alter some clothes or buy some new ones.  The ones I’m wearing now are getting a little ‘baggy’.  And I can already rub lotion on my feet without moaning and groaning.

Next time maybe I’ll have my 2nd bear, which will be purple, and I’ll be even more proud and excited.


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Today we had some really hard rains that visited our region, and the creek that runs through our backyard got the highest I have seen it in the little over two years that we have lived here.  We love the sound of the creek and sometimes I wish it were close enough that I could hear the running water as I sleep.  During a small break in the rainfall I decided to venture out into the yard to try my hand at getting some pictures that Rick could possibly use for his site.  And I’m sure that in a couple of days he will be using some pictures, but not necessarily of the high waters.

Anyway, I did manage to get some pretty decent pictures after wading through the water that was standing in the backyard.  My shoes got a good washing also and will probably take a while to dry out.  But I must say that I enjoyed it, until it began to sprinkle again.  So I decided instead of taking the long way around our property and walking up the road, that I would try to get through the high waters without falling and possibly ruining my camera.

I was doing great until I came up on a small stream that was just about wide enough that I thought I could jump across it.  However, there was one little problem – there was a bush of cockleburrs standing in the way.  Now mind you, Rick had warned me to always make sure to keep Houdini out of those nasty bushes.  And I had been very good at following Rick’s warning – until today.  No I did not have Houdini out there with me, but after the mess I got into I was beginning to wish he had been there with me.

Smart me decided that I could break the bush away and everything would be okay.  And a few of the branches did indeed break away and I threw them away from me.  But there was one big chunk of bush that I couldn’t break, so I planted my foot on it and thought it would stay out of my way.  Just as I took a leap to get across the little stream of water that darn thing flew up and hit me smack on the side of the head and the rest of the story you can see in the following pictures …  I walked back to the house and yelled for Rick and of course he had to get some pictures before helping me pull the evidence away.

Now that you have seen the pictures I guess it is okay to go ahead and laugh. Rick got that big grin of his on his face and after seeing the pictures, I must admit it is rather funny.  But from now on, Houdini will not be the only one I keep out of the cockleburr bushes.



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Olivia will be turning 13 years old next Wednesday, so we decided to let her have some school friends over for a slumber party.  I printed out some cute little invitations and she delivered them to all her friends.  I had a talk with her and let her know that sometimes kids will say they are coming and then don’t show up,  to prepare her just in case.  But we were very surprised when most everyone she invited showed up.  One friend couldn’t spend the night, but she came by the house and her dad picked her up before bedtime.

All the girls had a good time, singing, playing drums, playing guitar and also playing pool.  They also seemed to enjoy the pizza that Tami fixed for them, and I think they drank 10 gallons of koolaid (well probably not that much, but it seemed like it).  Also for their enjoyment was carrots, cucumbers and grapes.  Then came the Oreo Cookie Ice Cream cake that they all said was very good.  I wouldn’t know, because I don’t care for that type of cake.  Now if it had been strawberry, I probably would have been drooling over it.  Remember, I’m dieting, so I can’t have that kind of goodies.  I sliced everyone a big piece and started to put the three pieces that were left into the freezer, but guess what???  Those pieces (or rather the box they were in) slipped out of my hand and headed straight for the floor.  But, I saved ’em – they landed on the front of my shirt and in my hands instead of on the floor.  So there I was with orea cookies and ice cream all over my shirt and hands and crumbs in the freezer and on the floor.  What a mess!!!

The girls settled down around midnight (which was excellent) and they all got a good night’s sleep and awoke to a cheerful morning.  I was going to cook breakfast for them, but they only wanted cereal, and that was okay with me.  A couple of the girls decided they needed to go home, but the rest of us went to the local theatre where we enjoyed a movie.  They also enjoyed popcorn and drinks, and then I delivered them back to their parents.

Even Olivia’s little sister Madison had a good time.  She loved being spoiled by all the girls and she was really tired, so she took a long nap while the rest of us enjoyed the movie.

Well, this was just the beginning of celebrations for Olivia’s 13th birthday.  On Wednesday, I’m going to cook supper for her and several family members will be here for that.  Then her Aunt Amy will be here next weekend and we are going out to eat and I think Aunt Amy is just going to spend all day with Olivia shopping for a special birthday gift.  You know it has to be special, because you only become a ‘teen’ once in a lifetime.

Happy Birthday Olivia!!!!!!!!!!  We love you very, very, very much!!!

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