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Have you ever had a day when it would have been best if you just stayed in bed, turned off all the phones and pretty much just ignored life and slept the day away?  Well, this has been one of those days.  Absolutely nothing has gone right.

To begin, our daughter Tami, her husband Rob and their daughter Madison planned a trip to Rock Hill, SC to visit Amy.  They are also planning to bring Amy’s canine friend Maya back with them and I am going to pet-sit while Amy and Gene are vacationing  in Hawaii for a couple of weeks.  Tami has a very small car with not a lot of room, so she asked if they could borrow my car to make the trip.  And being the ever agreeing mom that I am, I told her that would be no problem.  Well, if I only had known….

They had planned to leave early this morning, so we exchanged vehicles last night.  Tami left me with about 3/4 tank of fuel, which we knew would be enough to do until she arrived back home from their trip.  We had about the same amount of fuel in our vehicle, but she topped it off so they wouldn’t have to stop on the way.  Well, they didn’t get to leave as early as they had planned, but finally they did get on the road around 9 a.m.  They were just at the Wytheville, Virginia exit when things started happening…..

I was talking to Tami on our cell phones and they were following an 18 wheeler.  Apparently another vehicle had hit some kind of animal and because of the truck in front of them, they did not see it, so they ran over the remains of the deceased critter.  About thirty seconds later, Tami began to hear and feel a thump of some kind and asked Rob to pull over and check for a flat tire.  Sure enough, that was exactly what had happened.

So Rick and I decided we would head that way and help with the flat just in case Rob couldn’t get the tire off.  Just a few minutes before we arrived at their location, Tami called me saying that a VDOT Safety Patrol worker was helping them change the tire.  Since we were so close to them at that point, we decided travel on to their location anyway.  Just as we came into view of the car, Tami called me again saying that now the car wouldn’t start and that the jack had broken.

Now, everyone knows that a flat won’t cause a car not to start.   Right???  Wrong!!!  Tami had also called Amy to let her know what was happening and that their arrival would be later than planned.  So Amy got on the phone and called a Chevy dealership near her and they told her that the car probably had a safety device on it that would turn the car off to change the flat, but they had no idea of how to reset it so that the vehicle would start again.  We thought that was a little strange, so Rick called the Chevy dealership where we bought the car and they said they had never heard of such a thing.

In the meantime, I had asked about the possibility of the lights being left on and the battery going dead.  I guess no one heard me, so I called the Virginia State Police and asked if they could get me a phone number for a local towing service.  They advised that they could send a trooper to assist us.  So we waited, and waited, and waited some more.  No trooper ever in sight.  So, I asked about the lights again….and what do ya know….LIGHTS ON!!!  This was after having been there over an hour and it took someone who doesn’t know anything about cars to finally get something going.  So I thought….no jumper cables to be found in either vehicle.

So Tami and Rob headed over to Walmart (which we could see from our location) to buy a set of jumper cables.  We were so sure this was going to work.  Rick, being the great guy that he is, told Rob to stay in the VW and he plugged in the cables.  Ok, so we try to start our car….no luck….then all of a sudden, smoke is flying all over the place and the VW dies also.  Rick immediately pulls the cables from Rob’s car and the sparks flying damages the paint on their car.  And my car still hasn’t started. 

You would think you could boost any car from any other vehicle….but nope.  We found out that because the VW is diesel and our Chevy is gasoline fueled they don’t work exactly the same way.  Sure wish we had known that before Tami wasted $10 on buying the jumper cables.  And guess what?  The trooper still hasn’t shown up and never did. I’m mighty happy that it wasn’t a life-threatening situation.  I suppose they only show up to give out speeding tickets.

Thank heaven for VDOT Safety Patrol, because just as I was about to burst into tears, here comes the same helpful person that had changed the tire.  And he had jumper cables with him, hooked them up and our car started right away. Of course when he heard that the lights had been left on you could see that grin he was trying to hide.  And of course he was never told about the jumper cables that got fried.

Then we finally decided that everyone was ready to get back on the road.  However, we had to go to Walmart to get the tire fixed.  Rob and Tami decided to make the rest of their trip in their own vehicle, even though we offered to let them take ours.  Bless her heart, Tami was so embarrassed, but I assured her that the same thing could have happened to her vehicle while we were driving it.

We made it safely to Walmart on the spare tire and it only took them about 15 minutes to get us all fixed up and headed back home.  We made it safely back home and they made it safely to SC.  Just a small problem remains, the radio fuse blew, but Rick can fix that easily.

So, to all you travelers out there….if you get a flat tire, be sure to turn all the lights off and don’t try to boost another vehicle if you have a VW diesel or don’t let anyone with a VW diesel try to boost you…it won’t work.  Now, I’m just praying that the rest of the day goes better than the beginning…


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Well, it has been a year since we adopted a new member into our family.  Houdini is a giant of a pet in the body of a Great Pyrenees.  He is just a big ball of white fur.  He is very loving and loveable.  Our granddaughter Olivia just thinks he is a  pest because he wants to follow her around all the time.  But Madison is a different story – she thinks he is her best plaything ever.  They can be found often rubbing noses, or Madison trying to pull his ears.  And our cats have finally gotten used to him, or at least have accepted the fact that he is here to stay.  They used to hide from him, but they are now brave and even give him a swat if he gets too close.

madison-houdini-21.jpgmadison-houdini1.jpg When he came home with us from our local animal shelter he weighed 95 pounds.  Last time we weighed him, he had hit the 150 mark.  But that is somewhat more than he should be, so we are working on reducing that a bit.  It is sort of hard to do though when all he wants to do is lay around all day and sleep.  That dog could sleep 24 hours a day I do believe.  He is about as lazy as his owner.

And white hair…all over the place.  I could vacuum ten times a day and there would still be white stuff everywhere.  I don’t believe there is any other breed of dog that sheds that much.  When I brush him there are always gobs of hair that come out, but he still has plenty left to get on anything he touches.  And when I get dressed to go out I always take a bunch of white with me.

As lazy and shedding as Houdini is, we still love him, and at approximately 3-4 years old (we don’t know for sure), we hope to have him around for a long long time.  Houdini, we love you very much and happy anniversary with the Rouse family.

The pictures of Olivia and Houdini were taken when we first adopted him a year ago, and the  ones with Madison were taken today.

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