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This morning Tami called me at the ridiculous hour of 5 a.m. asking if I would go to the gym with her.  Well, being the darling mother that I am, I did not want her to go alone, so I crawled out of bed, got dressed, brushed my teeth and I think I may have even combed my hair – then out the door I went.  It was freezing cold outside and the wind was blowing all kinds of tree limbs and anything else it could lift all over the place.  Rick gave me that look that said he thought I had lost my mind as I kissed him goodbye and went on my way.

We arrived at the gym and,  no surprise to me we were the only two crazy human beings there to exercise.  However, a cleaning lady did walk by.  She probably had the same thoughts running through her mind as Rick had.  Now keep in mind that I had not been to a gym for probably at least a year or longer.  But I climbed onto a treadmill and took one look at it and decided that I didn’t even know how to turn the thing on.  They had new ones from the last time I was there and of course it was computerized.  So I had to have Tami turn it on for me and she thought I should just begin by going full speed ahead.  But I knew if I had that she would have been taking me to the ER, so I figured out how to turn the speed down to where I could walk on it comfortably.

I guess comfortably is not going to do a person any good at getting rid of calories or fat, so after a few minutes I did turn it back to a faster speed.  Tami asked me what the speed was and when I told her, she just gave me that “Oh, Mom” look and made some comment about I needed to speed it up.  I then told her that she was young and in better shape than her “dear ole mom” and that I would just have to work myself up to the higher speed.  And of course she just rolled her eyes at me and kept running on her treadmill.  Now I’ve got a long ways to go before I’ll be doing any running – if ever.

Tami and I finally, after an hour of walking, had to leave because she had to go to work.  She took a quick shower and headed to her job and I wobbled out to my car and drove home.  Rick was up and about by that time (a little worried that I had been blown away by the wind).  I managed to give him a grin and fell onto the couch for a nap.  And I took a very long nap.

Tami says she is going to call me again tomorrow morning for another early morning at the gym.  I might just have to hide my phone under something and when it rings, just maybe I won’t be able to find it.


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Well…. this is my 3rd day on my diet and I must admit I’ve been surprised.  The food is good – so far – and I haven’t gotten hungry yet.  Or maybe I have – we went to Bojangles and Rick had the best looking biscuit.  But I only had a plum and sardines that I slipped in from Walmart.  Now what kind of combination is that?  I just wanted to grab that biscuit and run with it, but I was good and resisted temptation. 

I think I must have some kind of weird taste bud because last night I had sauerkraut with radishes.  Which reminds me of the time I crushed my ankle and I spent a few weeks with my mom.  She asked what I wanted for breakfast one morning and when I told her sauerkraut, she took one look at me and said that was not breakfast and I would have to eat something else.  Of course I disagreed with Mom, but guess who won???  Not me.  Now I know where my girls got their stubborness from (as Rick is laughing).

So, anyway, my diet is going well and I’m happy that it is working and my blood sugar is going down.  Now to work on those stubborn people in my life.   hahahaha


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My daughter Amy sent me information on a plan to help me lose some weight several weeks ago.  Well, I took a quick look at it and said to myself  ‘it looks like a good thing, but not for me’.  Then a week ago Amy called me on the phone and asked if I had looked at it.  I said yes, but didn’t feel like I could do it right now.  So being the stubborn daughter (not a bit like her mom) that she is, I finally agreed to give it a try.

So I ordered the food and waited for it to arrive.  I received twenty-eight days worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner (supper) along with a dessert for each evening.  The food arrived Monday evening, but I actually began eating the food Tuesday morning, and to my surprise, it was very good and very filling.  I haven’t gotten hungry at all.  I’d recommend it to anyone.

Rick (hubby) took one look at my egg with sausage crumble and said ‘what is that’?  He also took a bite and was not impressed.  Guess he won’t be joining me in the journey of weight loss.

I’ve got lots of weight to lose and hoping it will improve my blood pressure and diabetes as well.  So I intend to stick with it and I just might feel better – if I don’t float away from drinking all that water.   Next time you see me I might look like a fish.  So wish me success.


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My daughter Amy has talked me into trying Nutrisystems weight loss program, so I began the journey today.  Even tho I don’t have their food yet I am getting excited about it.  I spent most of the day looking over their website and chatting with people who are using the program.  I have learned a lot and plan to learn a lot more.

I have been overweight for several years now and I know that is not a good thing, especially since I am also diabetic.  I have managed to lose a few pounds here and there, but nothing really helpful or lasting.  This time I plan on doing good and making it a way of life instead of losing and then gaining it right back.

As everyone knows, exercise is a big part of losing weight and I have never been real good at it.  And for some odd reason, exercise has never worked well for me in losing weight, but I’m gonna give it a try anyway.  I might just have to get out my old clogging shoes and my dance music and get with it again.  I always loved to clog, so we will see if it works this time.  And I’m sure carrying around eight month old Madison is helping some also. 

I’ll keep you up to date on how the program works, but it will be several days before I get the food.  However, I will try to get a jump start on the program by beginning clogging and cutting back on some of that good ole Christmas candy I have stashed all over the place.  So until next time, wish me successful dieting.


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As you already know I talk about a lot of different things on this site.  I’ve talked about my family which is very special to me.  Well, this time I’m gonna talk about something else that is important.

Everyone knows someone who is diabetic.  Well, I know several people who are diabetic, but more important, I’m diabetic.  This can be very annoying as well as serious at times.

My day begins with sticking my finger to check my blood sugar level and ends the same way each night.  Also each day begins with swallowing my medications and an injection of insulin and ends the same way each night.  Some times I feel like a pin cushion.

Then there are those foods that I love, but sometimes I really have to watch out for because they can cause my blood sugar level to go too high.  At other times things go too low and that is just as serious as being too high.  And believe me I have a watch dog in my hubby Rick.  He loves to remind me that those delicious chocolate covered cherries can be very dangerous.  At times I get really bugged at him for reminding me that I need to watch my eating habits.  But I also know he does it because of love.

My biggest problem is trying to lose some weight, but I’m trying real hard and I’m beginning to lose a little bit at a time.  Actually, I’ve lost eight pounds since Christmas which is great.  Maybe I just need to listen to Rick and follow his advise about staying away from all those yummy foods or at least cut back on them.  And add some more exercise to my daily routine and then maybe I can get rid of the pin cushion feelings.

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