October is “Pastor Appreciation Month” and I believe we at Pleasant View Baptist Church in Widener Valley have been blessed with some of the best.  Our pastor hasn’t been with us very long, but we have already found out that he and his family are very special. 

He preaches The Word of God just as it is written.  Most of us that attend are just plain ole country folk and he has a way of keeping the attention of the young as well as us older folk.  Our pastor reminds me a lot of the pastors we had as I was growing up.  He tells it just like it is with a little bit of humor sometimes, but always with the spirit of God.

Preacher Seal not only preaches The Word, but he visits the sick and he has a hearty appetite as he loves to mention, especially when we have a get-to-gather at our new picnic shelter.  He says he needs to go on a diet before we have our Christmas banquet.  I guess that is so he can eat all he wants and still maintain a healthy weight.

Now for his wife, Diane who is one of the sweetest persons I’ve ever known.  The pastor loves to use her as an example when telling something and she just laughs right along with the rest of us.

And we can’t forget their son Brandon.  He is around 12 years old and full of energy.  He loves to pick at the ladies and the ladies pick right back at him.

Preacher Seal, Diane and Brandon can all sing well, but Brandon seems to have gotten a little shy, so his mom and dad do all the singing now.  We really enjoy it whether it is just a solo by our pastor or when Diane joins him.

Jeremiah 3:15 says “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”  We are so blessed that God sent Pastor Seal, Diane and Brandon to us.  We thank Him and we appreciate them so very much.