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From the time Granddaughter Madison was a kid she has admired Aunt Rebecca’s collection of dolls.  Madison called her Aunt Becca when she was an infant, but now that she says she is no longer a ‘child’ she has joined the rest of us folks in calling her Aunt Rebecca.  They would sit together in the backseat of our car when going to church with us and a very special bond developed between them.

Any time we visited, Aunt Rebecca loved to show Madison all of her dolls and this one was Madison’s favorite.  Today while visiting, Aunt Rebecca told Madison that she had a special gift for her and Madison did not realize that she was giving her this doll.  When she was told that it was her gift, that face was all smiles.  Actually both faces were smiles and  this GranGran’s heart was so happy to see them.  I will make sure that the doll is well taken care of and it will always be a very “special gift from Aunt Becca”

Another example of how very special my Cook family has always been.  Thanks Aunt Rebecca from Madison and her GranGran Cheria.  We love you so very much.


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“Won’t It Be Wonderful There?”

Charles and Doris Cook – Never To Part Again

In Loving Memory

Doris Wilson Cook
Sept 11, 1929 – Oct 9, 2017

Aunt Doris was so sad when Uncle Charles left this life for his Heavenly Home.  She just could not get over him not being here with her.  Many times she expressed her wish to go join him and God finally granted that wish.

While helping care for Aunt Doris during her last days here, she would sing the chorus to “Won’t It Be Wonderful There”.  You could see that look on her face reflecting her thoughts that she would soon be with Uncle Charles again.  She told folks visiting that she wanted to go see Charles and Jesus along with other loved ones and friends.

Aunt Doris said many times that she didn’t want to leave Karen and Larry here alone.  Then her next words were, “They won’t be alone because the “Cook” family will take good care of them.”  And we most certainly will do that.

I will miss our visits and will always remember those last days that we spent together.  Aunt Doris and I will meet again, along with Uncle Charles and so many others and “Won’t It Be Wonderful There?”




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I have known Lorraine for as long as I can remember, but until Uncle Bob married her and made her my Aunt, I never knew totally just how special she was.  When they made plans to have a church wedding I was included in the ceremony by being asked to play the piano.  Aunt Lorraine was a beautiful bride and Uncle Bob was the most handsome groom.  Uncle Bob has always told us that she was his first love, but they both married others and had wonderful families.  After many years Uncle Bob moved back to Widener Valley and pursued Lorraine once again and this time she said “yes”…and we are so happy that she did.

Anyone who knows Uncle Bob knows how he likes to joke and lots of times I’m certain that Aunt Lorraine would have liked to hide, but she just laughed and said…”Oh Bob is just crazy”.  The “Cooks” love to sing and so did Aunt Lorraine and she would join our “crazy” bunch.  We are always sharing memories and this past Christmas was no different.  Sitting in Aunt Eleanor’s living room, the memories began and Aunt Lorraine shared also.  That day will be one of my favorite memories, because that was my last time to hear her memories.

The angels came to take Aunt Lorraine to her Heavenly Home, but we will meet again some day soon and will sing have even more memories to share.

In Loving Memory of Lorraine Cook Feb 10, 1938 – Jan 16, 2017


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I love vacations and last week was one of the best.  Spending a few days with Amy and Gene always makes me so happy.  Amy came to spend Father’s Day with her Dad and Olivia and I rode back to Rock Hill, SC with her on Monday evening and the fun and relaxation began.

Amy had to work, so Olivia and I spent most days watching TV…however, on Tuesday morning Gene and I took a short trip to a peach farm and picked a couple of boxes of fresh peaches.  Now that was some yummy eating (yes, we ate several during the picking)…Gene said we were ‘field testing’…and we tested probably more than we should have.  Gene also purchased a big bucket of tomatoes, along with a big green pepper.

Amy and her Dad had caught a big trout that we took back to SC with us and Gene cooked it for us.  It was large enough to make two delicious meals.  I must say that Gene is a good cook, but Amy and Olivia don’t eat fish, so Amy cooked chicken for them.  I also brought some fresh tomatoes, squash and eggs plants home with me from their garden.  We also enjoyed eating out at T-Bone Steak House and Rick joined us after he came down to eat at Olive Garden.

There was a lot of shopping on Saturday… My walking shoes fell apart and Amy got me a new pair (thanks) and they are really comfortable.  Afterwards Amy treated us to a movie and we left Sunday morning coming back home.  The only thing missing was Tami and Madison.

I sure hate having my girls so far away, but they are still within visiting distance.  Gonna have to do this more often.  Thanks Amy and Gene !!!


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Coming from the “Cook” family, I inherited a strong love for music, which includes listening, playing instruments and singing.   Music is a big part of my life…listening mostly to gospel, hymns, country and bluegrass…playing the organ or piano at church and home and also singing with folks at church.  I learned to play the piano as a young kid, then I decided if I could play the piano that the organ shouldn’t be much different, so I began playing the organ at our small country church a few years ago.

I am now determined to learn to play my mandolin…however I’ve had it for several months and haven’t made much progress….So I suppose I’d better get to practicing some of those chords that my friend Tim Yates showed me.  It would be rather embarrassing if he took the time to help me and I didn’t even try.  I’m going to take my mandolin with me on a visit to Amy’s next week and maybe I won’t run her completely crazy.  Rick will get some relief because he is staying home.  I’ll be sure and let ya’ll know how the practice goes when I get back home and Rick can decide if my practice does any good.



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My sweet granddaughter, Olivia is attending cosmetology school and I get to let her do all kinds of stuff to my nails and hair.  A few months ago she gave me a perm, which I loved and now that the curl is leaving I decided to have her cut some length off and this is the result.  I LOVE it and it feels so good with this hot weather.  She also gave me a conditioning treatment and it makes my hair feel so soft.

I’m happy that Olivia is doing what she loves and Rick and I benefit from her practice.  If anyone is needing a hair-do or nails done, just stop by Exalt Academy of Cosmetology in Bristol and ask for her.  Thanks Olivia for a job well done…Love you…


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I love to get up on Sunday morning because I know what the day is going to be like.  From the time I was just a small kid I remember getting ready to go to church…most usually that would be at Pleasant View Missionary Baptist Church in Widener Valley.  A few times we visited other churches such as the Presbyterian which was a big white church in downtown Damascus, the Lutheran Church, which is now Faith Baptist in Damascus and Wright’s Chapel Methodist which is just outside Damascus.

Some of my best memories are of walking from Granny Cook’s house with Aunts and Uncles and Miss Alma, who lived just a short distance from Granny’s.  Those were the ‘good ole days’ and I sure do miss them.  After church, we would all walk back ‘home’ and have dinner (lunch) with Granny.  Lots of times the pastor of Pleasant View would also stop by and enjoy those delicious meals.  If kinfolk were there with a guitar, or whatever instrument, we would gather on the front porch and sing…  As an adult, I still go to Granny’s house for dinner almost every Sunday and enjoy those yummy meals that Aunt Eleanor cooks.  Visiting kinfolk continue to bring their musical instruments and we all “pick and sing”.

Yes…Sunday is my favorite day of the week.


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Nothing like a picnic with family, new and old friends and that is what we had today.  Our friends, Kenneth and Ruth Doss have a picnic this time every year at their home in Widener Valley and we are always invited.  Rick helps grill hotdogs and I just sit back and enjoy all of the great food, fellowship and singing by some great groups.  Of course I tap my toes, clap my hands and sing along.

We got to listen to The Mountain Valley Boys, the Combs Family and The Joyful Noise Singers and I’m telling you these groups are the best of the best.  They all have sang at our church at Pleasant View Baptist several times and are always a blessing.

The food is also some of the best, especially those broccoli muffins…yummy yummy.  I love my hotdogs good and black and I learned today that several other folks do also.  Rick made sure we got them done just right.

Thanks Kenneth and Ruth for the invitation and we look forward to doing it all over again next year, the Lord willing.



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I sure am happy to have so many great memories of family who are no longer with us.  Today I am remembering my uncles who have gone from this life.  In my stories when I first began writing I remembered all of Mom’s brothers, but these memories are of her sister’s husbands,  Uncle Jerry, ZR and Harold, and they are indeed very special.

Uncle Jerry Dolinger married Mom’s sister Aunt Eleanor and he was also brother to my Dad, which makes him my double uncle…what a treat that was.  He loved his peanut butter crackers, popcorn and Pepsi and had to have them every night before bedtime.  Watching ballgames and telling stories of his Army days was very important to him.  Uncle Jerry loved taking us for rides in the back of his truck and he also taught several nephews and nieces to drive (I was not one of them).  Singing in the choir with that tenor voice was fantastic and I can still hear him when we sing certain songs.

Uncle ZR Heath married Mom’s sister Aunt Rebecca and was the quietest of the three.  He loved his family and especially his dog Petey.  Uncle ZR was a carpenter and his sons inherited that talent from him.  I remember going to some of those Ole Primitive Baptist services at Rush Creek, and as a child I thought they would never end.  Maybe he didn’t talk a lot because he didn’t get the chance, being in the “Cook” family…LOL.

Now to Uncle Harold Thomas, who was married to Aunt Mary. My daughters, Amy and Tami, loved to visit and spend the night. However, when it came to bedtime they wanted to stay up longer or come home and begun crying.  Uncle Harold would tell them if they didn’t go to bed or stop crying that he would hang them on a nail, which didn’t help at all.  As a Sunday School teacher or Wednesday Prayer Meeting speaker, we always knew his prayers lasted forever and so did his teachings…no short anything, but how I miss it all now that he is no longer with us.

Memories of family and friends,  may be gone, but never forgotten.  Miss and love them all.



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I haven’t shared any memories for a good while, so thinking it is time to do so again.  I will try to make this short and sweet…I doubt that will happen.

If you have read any of my stories on here, then you are aware that my “Cook” family spoiled me as I grew…and I admit those left still do.  In my early stories my Mom’s brothers and sisters were introduced to you and mention was made of their husbands and wives…This memory will share more detail about my Aunts Mable,  Sally, June, Cel, Helen, Doris and Lorraine.

Beginning with the two living Aunts are Doris who was married to my Uncle Charles Cook… and Lorraine who is married to my Uncle Bob (Robert) Cook.

Aunt Doris and Uncle Charles always did everything together.  I don’t remember ever seeing one without the other.  They loved each other dearly and it showed.  Their daughter Karen and I are more like sisters than cousins.  The “Cooks” are a very close and loving family…some likes hugs more than others.   In a crowd Aunt Doris is usually quieter than some, but very friendly and has always been one to love me as her own.  She likes to tell about my sister Clarice going on dates with her and Uncle Charles.

Aunt Lorraine is very special also.  We waited a long time to get her into the “Cook” family and so happy it finally happened.  Uncle Bob tried to get her back in high school, however, she was in love with someone else at the time, but we love her and thank God for putting her with this crazy bunch.  I was very pleased to play the piano during their wedding.  Aunt Lorraine is also a little quieter than some, but enjoys being with the “Cook” clan.

Now to the ones who are no longer with us … Aunt Mable was married to my Uncle Clayton…What a pair those two made…They were both very loving and so fun to be around and of course spoiled me from the day I was born… I have always been told that I got my name from them because it seems they wanted to name their daughter Cheria Colleen, but since I came along and they didn’t have any children the name was given to me.  There are just too many funny stories to tell about Aunt Mable, but I will share one…It seems that when guys would come courting my Mom and her sisters, that Aunt Mable would find it comical to come carrying the “potty” through and of course it would embarrass both gals and guys.  I sure do miss Aunt Mable and Uncle Clayton.

After the death of Aunt Mable, Uncle Clayton brought another bride into the family by the name of Sally.  She didn’t last a long time, but I had to mention her because of the crazy story I’m about to tell.  We always wash dishes in a big wash pan and most of the time Aunt Eleanor would take the pan of dirty water outside and throw it out beside the house in a small ditch.  We were having a picnic and when Eleanor took the pan outside, she did not know that Aunt Sally was beside the house…YEP…dirty dish water was thrown all over Aunt Sally (ya think maybe that is why she wasn’t in the family very long)

Uncle Earnest and Aunt Celia (Cel for short)…Again I was blessed with folks who spoiled me.  For several years I visited them at their home in Warren, Ohio…Aunt Cel knew I loved her stuffed peppers and she made sure I had plenty of them while visiting.  We always had a great time listening to her gospel cds and singing along and just sitting looking through her photo albums… Great times and so many memories.  Love and miss Aunt Cel and Uncle Earnest

Uncle Herb and Aunt June…what a pair…They loved to dance and sing and I even got to dance a few times with Uncle Herb.  So many times Aunt June and I would sit at her piano with me playing and her singing along with me and once in a while Uncle Herb would sing bass or strum on his guitar.  Lots of times the family would get together at Christmas and we would have a play…I loved those times and way too many memories to share.  Love and miss Aunt June and Uncle Herb.

Uncle Vernon and Aunt Helen…they were certainly quiet folks, but you always knew you were loved…Uncle Vernon loved his garden and they shared lots of veggies.  Once when they were living in Bristol, my cousin Vota and I stopped by their house before a gospel concert.  I had one of the babies with me (Olivia I think) and she filled her diaper with stinky stuff.  It got all over me and Vota and Aunt Helen just laughed and let us borrow clean clothes.  Even though they were quiet, they are still missed and loved very much

Looks like this didn’t end up being very short. LOL

I sure do miss my Aunts and Uncles and enjoying having those still with me…Thanks for all the love and spoiling !!!

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